GHS senior pleads case to OHSAA


With the sudden increased spread of the COVID-19 virus, Ohio has closed all schools. Because of this, high school spring sports may be cancelled before the season even starts. Not only for seniors, but for every high school athlete in Ohio, this is heartbreaking.

Speaking as a student, we understand the severity of the situation our country is going through, but we ask to continue the postponement until it is deemed safe to play. We ask everyone who has the power to save our season to please consider postponing and not cancelling prematurely. We ask OHSAA to please consider extending the seasons into the summer months to allow student athletes who have worked so hard every day in the off season to play.

As a high school senior representing this group, please don’t take our final season of high school sports away from us. We have worked hours, every day in the off season, to achieve goals we set for ourselves several years before our senior year. This is our last opportunity to proudly represent our schools, set records and maybe get those college scholarships that will help many of us continue our education.

Please consider this, no one knows what the outlook of the spread of COVID-19 will look like with the steps the Governor has taken to limit exposure. Deciding prematurely to cancel the season before these steps can be evaluated will affect hundreds, thousands of Ohio high school athletes.

Thank you for reading this and we hope you will sign our petition and join our act of keeping our Ohio spring sports alive.

Alex Hutt

Senior, Greenville High School

Greenville senior, Alex Hutt runs a relay for the Green Wave at a home track meet last season. senior, Alex Hutt runs a relay for the Green Wave at a home track meet last season. Gaylen Blosser |

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