Hugs, kisses promised post-quarantine


DARKE COUNTY — When the newspaper recently surveyed readers on Facebook about what their plans are following the lifting of the quarantine, there were numerous responses, so many that we had to break the initial story into two parts.

The second part of the article focuses on the many who noted that it was their families they are missing and what they plan to do when they reunite with them. Their responses were, as follows:

Sharre Grubbs: “Meet with family and friends!”

Jennifer Sue Peck: “I’m going to the BRC to see my momma.”

Ronda Helmer Baker: “See my new great-grandson for the first time.”

Katie Hummel: “Run Forest, run! Just get out and run around visiting and seeing family and Mom at assisted living.”

PaulEtte Hartzell: “First hug my daughter, then off to the Asian Buffet for Chinese food.”

Bill Gunckle: “Visit our kids, family gathering to celebrate missed holidays and birthdays, eat at Rob’s, enjoy being with family again.”

Sherry Rodeheffer: “Family outing with everyone and some fishing and camping maybe.”

Sharon Eby Lapp: “I am headed to Fountain City to hug and kiss my two great-grandsons, four years old and nine months. Need some baby hugs and kisses soooo much.”

Hannah Dynes: “First thing on my list is to HUG and LOVE on my two beautiful grandbabies that I haven’t hugged or seen in over a month. Then I want to sit down with my family and have a big feast. Just to sit and laugh and talk like we used to before all this came along.”

Susie Lee Baumgardner Francis: “I’m hoping our trip to Hawaii will still be on in June to visit son daughter-in-law and grandson.”

Tina Shafer Brooks: “Slumber party for all the grandkids!”

Linda Wood Yount: “I just want to see my grandbabies, and kids and family and friends.”

Missy Sutter: “I’m ready to see my mom and my kids and grandkids? I miss them so much!”

Barb Teaford: “Have a family get-together and give all my family big hugs.”

Leona Kay Camacho: “See my grandkids.”

Susan Pyle: “I’m going to go give my grandchildren a big hug in person. We are planning to travel up to New Hampshire to see his kids and grandchildren for a week.”

Debbie Cunningham Barga: “I want to see our kids, grandkids, and great-grandsons, especially the newest one who was just born this past Tuesday!”

Debbie Balcom Mayse: “I know exactly where I will be and my amazing husband, Mike, we are going to load up early the special day and drive to my children’s houses, where tears will really flow when I finally get to hold our grandbabies in my arms. I can’t get to the other four beautiful grandbabies, but I’m squeezing the ever-loving daylights out of you all. I will not ever take advantage of having a chance to see them an hold them in my arms again. I will become a thorn in y’all’s behinds my kids. and my grandbabies butts from that great day forward. Our hearts have been so empty, sad, and lonely without them all. I love them all God. Bless us all and please help this all be over soon and, dear God, let it end in a good healthy way so we can all be together again and be a stronger family and a stronger person for it.”

Tina L. McClanahan: “Columbus to visit grandkids.”

By Linda Moody

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