Bowman bond modified to $100K


GREENVILLE — Darke County Common Pleas Court conducted a bond hearing via video conference on Monday for murder suspect Richard M. Bowman, 58, of Mississinawa Township. The hearing took place in response to a motion submitted by Bowman’s attorney, Alex Pendl, for the court to modify his client’s bond.

Bowman was arrested June 26 for the alleged murder of Teresa Bowman, his wife. Sixty-year-old Teresa Bowman was pronounced dead at their home on Disher Road, Darke County, on April 24, 2020.

Judge Jonathan P. Hein presided over the hearing, with Darke County Prosecutor R. Kelly Ormsby and Bowman’s defense attorney present. Pendl appeared on behalf of Bowman and waived his client’s attendance.

The hearing began with a review of Bowman’s case by both attorneys, which was followed by a discussion concerning the likelihood that Bowman returns to court when ordered. Pendl stated that his client is able to afford a bond amount of $100,000 and that Bowman will strictly abide by all pretrial supervision conditions.

Ormsby, however, expressed concerns about public safety and the ability of the bail company to find and return Bowman should he fail to show up for future court appearances.

Following the hearing, Judge Hein issued a written decision Wednesday afternoon modifying Bowman’s bond to $100,000 cash, surety, or property. Upon his release, Bowman has been ordered to appear at the adult probation department to begin pretrial supervision. He must also attend and comply with drug and alcohol treatment recommendations, and remain subject to random urinalysis throughout the process. Bowman must contact his lawyer every 10 days and immediately comply with requests for meetings. Lastly, he must submit to electronically monitored house arrest with release only for scheduled probation meetings, attorney appointments, and court appearances.

Bowman is scheduled to appear for jury trial September 21 to 25, 2020.


By Nathaniel Kubik

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