Portman says Biden is President-Elect


WASHINGTON, DC — On Monday, U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) released a statement on the Electoral College vote, acknowledging its vote for former Vice President Joe Biden as the new president-elect.

“In accordance with the Constitution and federal law, the Electoral College cast their votes for President today. The Electors met in their respective state following certification of the results. I think we need to respect this process the Founding Fathers established, and we must respect the will of the voters,” he said.

Portman also stated his belief that charges of voting fraud by President Trump’s campaign were “not widespread enough to change the result of the election.”

“As I’ve said previously, the Trump campaign had every right to pursue recounts and legal challenges,” Portman said, adding, “States must take seriously the proven examples of fraud and irregularities, prosecute anyone who engaged in it, and review voting systems to maintain the integrity of our elections.”

Portman also commended President Trump for allowing briefings for the Biden team.

“The orderly transfer of power is a hallmark of our democracy, and although I supported President Trump, the Electoral College vote today makes clear that Joe Biden is now President-Elect,” he stated.

Despite the acquiescence by many Republicans of the Biden electoral tally, Republican legislators in some of the highly contested states, such as Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, have chosen alternate electors for Jan. 6, 2021, when the votes are officially accepted by Congress, in the hopes that one of the many outstanding lawsuits may overturn the results.

Says no ‘widespread’ voting fraud

By Erik Martin


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