DC boys basketball scoring leaders


Darke County Boys all time high school basketball scoring leaders:

Mike Cross Franklin Monroe 2204

Justin Ahrens Versailles 2046

Ethan Conley Franklin Monroe 1977

Curtis Enis Mississinawa Valley 1773

Kyle Gehle Versailles 1744

Darrin Cascaden Bradford 1667

Kyle Ahrens Versailles 1666

Clay Guillozet Greenville 1583

Jon Sass Franklin Monroe 1550

Jason Hemmerich Ansonia 1457

Jason Turner Versailles 1393

Jason Wood Bradford 1391

Colton Linkous Tri Village 1387

Kyle Pipenger Tri Village 1377

Jack Besecker Bradford 1333

Frank Cheadle Arcanum 1293

Ethan Bowman Mississinawa Valley 1254

Jake Cook Greenville 1203

Russ Willis Mississinawa Valley 1199

Ed Roeth Bradford 1198

Tim Barga Versailles 1197

Brian Myers Franklin Monroe 1195

Brent Bickel Ansonia 1191

Tyler Cook Tri Village 1185

Joe Shardo Versailles 1184

Shane Mead Bradford 1179

Tom Holzapfel Greenville 1171

Travis Swank Franklin Monroe 1152

Irv Besecker Franklin Monroe 1146

Jason Shardo Versailles 1145

Craig Wohlgemuth Greenville 1138

Damion Cook Tri Village 1133

Gavin Richards Tri Village 1130

Rod Nealeigh Franklin Monroe 1105

Jeremy Pemberton Arcanum 1094

Eric Hart Bradford 1096

Travis Feitshans Franklin Monroe 1062

Kyle Sheer Bradford 1043

Kip Gray Franklin Monroe 1031

Eric Beisner Ansonia 1014

Robert Scoob Cook Tri Village 1012

Carter Gray Arcanum 1012

Jeremy Liles Mississinawa Valley 1001

Hunter Muir Ansonia over 1000

Layne Sarver Tri Village over 1000

Jim Troutwine Arcanum over 1000

Dave Gray Arcanum over 1000

Luke Troutwine Arcanum over 1000

This is a list of the boys who have scored over 1000 points in their high school basketball careers in Darke County. This was compiled from statistics garnered from the school athletic directors. This list is probably not complete and if anyone has information on other players who have scored over 1000 points contact Gaylen Blosser at the Daily Advocate. But we do need some verification as to that player’s total.

In looking at this list you see that in some cases it was a family affair as there are three players with the last name Gray, four with the last name Cook, two with last name Troutwine and two with last name Besecker and Colton Linkous and Layne Sarver are siblings.

Travis Swank who is the present coach of the Versailles Tigers is the nephew of Dave Gray as is Kip Gray and Carter Gray is Dave’s grandson. Damion Cook is the son of Scoob Cook and Tyler Cook is Damion’s first cousin.

While the 1000 point club is difficult to attain, the 2000 point club is reserved for some of the best to ever play in Darke County. Mike Cross of Franklin Monroe is the boys’ leader with 2204 points and this was done before the three point shot was in effect. In his senior year he averaged 27.7 ppg with 804 points as he was helped by a tournament run to the state finals which they lost 74-69 to Lorrain Clearview.

The other player with over 2000 points is Justin Ahrens with 2046 and if the Tigers had gone a little further in the tournament that year he might have had a chance to eclipse Mike Cross’s total. He is presently playing for the Ohio State Buckeyes and has started 11 of the 22 games he has played in and is averaging 7.2 ppg. as a junior this season. His brother Kyle played for Michigan State and was a member of the 2018-19 Spartan team that advanced to the NCAA Final Four.

Kyle also was a dominating high school player and is seventh on the list with 1666 points but he missed most of his junior year with an injury and was bothered with injuries at Michigan State.

Clay Guillozet had an outstanding career at Greenville and later at Valdosta State where he was named Gulf State Coast Conference player of the year in the 2019-20 basketball season.

I haven’t seen all of the above players but the Ahrens’ brothers were two of the best I have ever seen play in Darke County. Another name that jumps out on the list is Curtis Enis of Mississinawa Valley who averaged 27.1 ppg as a senior and is in the Ohio high school record books for his football skills, played at Penn State and in the NFL for the Chicago Bears and is in fourth place on the list.

Besides Mike Cross several players played in state championship games including Kyle Gehle for Versailles in a losing cause in 2004, Jim Troutwine and Dave Gray for Arcanum in 1967 and 1969, Colton Linkous and Damion Cook for Tri Village in 2015.

Colton Linkous made a field goal with 3.3 seconds left in the state championship game against Canal WinchesterHarvest Prep for a 48-46 win and a 30-0 season for the Patriots.

Another name on the list, Tim Barga, is the coach of the Mississinawa Valley boys team and has been coaching both boys and girls basketball teams for over thirty-five years.


By Ron Griffitts

Contributing Columnist

Ron Griffitts a contributing columnist for the Daily Advocate

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