Turning the tables


Every Monday and Wednesday for my 11 years, The Darke County Commissioners have met at 1:30 for our public sessions. There is always someone from the Daily Advocate or WTGR radio to cover us for the community. Over the years, The Advocate has had a few different ones cover us, right now it is Nate Kubik, but WTGR as always sent Alex Micos to cover us. Whenever pictures need to be taken, Gaylen Blosser covers for the paper. These 3 always get to ask us questions and get our opinion on why we voted, passed or denied the resolutions that come before us every day. They all do a really good job, are not afraid to ask “why”, and seem to report on what we do accurately.

So, me being me, I thought I would turn the tables on them and ask them some of their opinions on sports. It was very entertaining, and I enjoy talking to these guys, not just as an interview, but as friends

Nate Kubik is a really nice young man who graduated from Ohio University in journalism. Nate is learning his craft very well, and is a big baseball fan. His favorite team is the Cincinnati Reds. I asked him what he thought of the team, and his reaction did not surprise me: “I think the Reds are like the Bengals under Mike Brown. They pay big money to the wrong personnel who are just mediocre.” Nate played baseball at Arcanum in high school, and is also a golfer! You can tell he is an athlete, he looks the part. Nate has been at the Advocate 8 months, and never thought he would get into journalism. He really wants to get into Communications because that was his major in school. Nate lives at home and calls his parents “very generous” with him. If he stays in journalism, he wants to cover either sports or politics, but does not want to get into politics. (smart guy!!) Nate is a good interview, answers any question you ask, and looks you in the eye. I asked him the most unique thing about his job and he said it was covering us! He said he enjoys it and we can tell he really does. I really enjoy his company. I Hope he sticks around because he is an asset to Darke County!

Alex Micos is one of my favorite people. I love kidding around with him. Alex is “The Voice of Darke County” on WTGR radio. Alex always comes prepared, although he comes in right on time or a little late and that has become a running joke with all of us. Alex is a sports fan and does broadcasts for local high schools and for the University of Dayton women’s basketball team. Alex is a sports fan, and he follows the Bengals, U.D., and loves local sports. As for the Bengals, I asked him what he thinks of the team. His reaction should surprise no one: “The Bengals will never be anything as long as Mike Brown runs the team. The last time they won a playoff game was when his dad ran the team, since then they have just been mediocre.” Alex is into Fantasy Football with some of his friends, and like me, can be up or down with his teams. I asked him why he likes covering us and his answer says a lot about him. “I think people need to be informed. You guys have responsibility for the county, and people need to know that you are doing the right things. I like informing the people as to what you are doing”. Alex cares about local communities. He loves High School sports, and broadcasts a lot of them! When I asked him about that he said that “Local sports are great because you get that community feel. It gives people pride in their school and community.” Alex is a great person, and I am happy to call him my friend.

The one person I did not interview was Gaylen Blosser. I didn’t think I needed to since I see him a lot, especially on Friday mornings at the Double M Diner, along with Dale Musser. We talk a lot about sports and the world in general. Gaylen is a true local sports guy! He takes thousands of pictures a year just highlighting local athletes in almost every sport! I do not know how many hours he puts in, but it must be tremendous for all the pictures he puts on social media and in the paper. Gaylen really loves talking to the officials, too. I have heard him say that is one of his favorite things, and is on a first name basis with most of them. He has written several articles about officials and officiating. His interest is totally local, really loves the kids (that is why he tries to get a picture of each one on the team in action, so mom and dad can be proud!) and has great rapport with all the coaches in the area. Gaylen, like me is getting up in years, but his energy for his work is truly inspiring. He is one of the few people I know who truly deep-down loves working with young people and those involved in sports. It is his passion. Gaylen is a true friend and I enjoy his enthusiasm and company.

So, there you have it, the people who cover us for all of you. They are good men, work hard, and do the best they can to keep you informed about your community. We are lucky that they are here to do this job. It isn’t easy. They make what we do seem simple and relevant to your everyday lives. I respect them, and am proud to call them all my friends! That is the way I see it, from the sidelines.


By Michael Stegall

From the Sidelines

Contributing columnist Mike Stegall a 27 year former OHSAA high school football official and current Darke County Commissioner

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