Hot conditions expected to continue


Staff report

GREENVILLE — Darke County Fairgoers will want to wear a hat, apply sunscreen, drink plenty of water, and find some shade for the next few days.

Accuweather is predicting highs in the 90s throughout the remainder fair week, with only a slight decrease to a high of 88 degrees on Friday and Sunday.

A few scattered showers or thunderstorms are also predicted each day through Sunday, along with high levels of humidity.

The American Red Cross recommends these precautions to stay hydrated and safe during extreme heat conditions:

-Drinking enough water is one of the most important things you can do to prevent heat-related illness. An average person needs to drink about three-quarters of a gallon of fluid daily.

-Stay away from sugary, caffeinated and alcoholic drinks.

-In general, eating meals and snacks throughout the day with adequate water intake is enough to maintain electrolytes and replace salt lost when you sweat.

-Certain medical conditions and medications may mean you need to drink more water. Talk to your healthcare provider.

For more information about staying safe from heat, visit the American Red Cross Heat Wave Safety page at

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