Kolb named ‘Oldest Fairgoer’ for 2021


By Carol Marsh


GREENVILLE — Crowds gathered on Monday morning by the Park National Bank Rest Tent in anticipation of the oldest fairgoer being named at the 2021 Great Darke County Fair.

Several seniors from locations across Darke County, many who were in their mid-to-late 90s, chuckled as contest sponsor Greg Peck, of Peck Sound Service, invited those who were “over 95” to raise their hands. However, the oldest fairgoer, Rossburg resident Herman Kolb, beat everyone in the audience by more than a few years, having celebrated his 107th birthday last November.

Kolb, who was named “runner up” in 2017, was one of three winners in 2019. Born in 1913, Kolb is a lifelong farmer, raising sheep, cattle and border collies. He attended his first Darke County Fair in 1957, as well as the Butler County Fair in his early youth. He visited this year’s Great Darke County Fair with his daughter, Elaine.

When asked (in 2017) what his secret was to a long life, Kolb said, “I don’t have any secret. Get up in the morning and go to bed at night. Stay away from the booze and tobacco. Don’t pay attention to your age. Just keep going.”

Upon being named the “oldest fairgoer,” Kolb was presented with a $100 prize sponsored by Peck Sound Service and the Darke County Agricultural Society.

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