Cheerleading brings communities together


Meladi Brewer

GREENVILLE — Pride brings communities together, and groups of young people from around the area demonstrated their pride Monday at the Great Darke County Fair’s 30th Annual Cheerleading Competition. Ten teams showed up for their chance to compete for the grand prize.

Despite the heat index being in the 90s, the competitors were smiling and dancing their way to awards. Many of the competitors put their differences aside to huddle up together to play a friendly game of Little Sally Walker while the judges tallied up their scores showing spectators how sportsmanlike competitions can be.

Pee Wee Cheer Awards:

1st place: Darke County Elite Cheer

2nd place: Arcanum Pee Wee Cheer

3rd place: Piqua Pee Wee Cheer

Pee Wee Dance Awards:

1st place: TriVillage Youth Dance

2nd place: Arcanum Pee Wee Dance

3rd place: Darke County Elite Dance

Jr. High Cheer Awards:

1st place: Greenville Jr. High Cheer

2nd place: TriVillage Jr. High Cheer

3rd place: Piqua Jr. High Cheer

Jr. High Dance Awards:

1st place: Mississinawa Jr. High Dance

2nd place: Bradford Jr. High Dance

3rd place: Piqua Jr. High Dance

High School Cheer Awards:

1st place: Ansonia High School Cheer

2nd place: TriVillage High School Cheer

3rd place: Arcanum High School Cheer

High School Dance Awards:

1st place: Versailles High School Dance

2nd place: Ansonia High School Dance

3rd place: TriVillage High School Dance

Spirit Award:


Each winner received medals and a check: 1st place received $100, 2nd received $75, and 3rd place received $25.

A special thank you is extended to the event sponsor: Darke Rural Electric Corporation, Inc.

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