Support Greenville City Schools levy


Part of our great agricultural heritage in this nation has been the tradition of free public education which has always been prominent in rural areas of our country. An important feature of this free public education is the community’s obligation to support it through local tax levies.

We now have another opportunity in the Greenville City School District to support public education by voting “yes” on the upcoming renewal of the 4.15-mill emergency operational levy. This will amount to “no new taxes” since it is a renewal and the funds will be used for district maintenance, school buses, schoolbooks, technology, salaries, and daily operations.

Public education is good; however, if the public (free) schools are not adequately funded locally, then the quality of education the public schools offer will decline; and this will drive more students into private, charter and home schools, thus going against our rich agricultural history of free public education.

It is now time for our local community to support our local schools. Therefore, I urge all voters in the district and especially in the Agricultural, Arts and Library Community to support Greenville City Schools by voting “yes” on the renewal of the operational levy on Nov. 2, 2021.

Ted Finnarn
Darke County Farmers Union
Greenville, Ohio

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