Little Miss and Mister Fall into Christmas 2021 crowned


By Meladi Brewer

GREENVILLE — Children competed to be crowned Little Miss and Mister Fall into Christmas 2021.

The pageant was held Nov. 6 in the 4H Building at the Darke County Fairgrounds and was an all-natural beauty contest for ages 3 through 10.

“Seeing them in their little costumes is great,” Judge Detro said. “They’re so cute, and I love the big personalities.”

The contest was judged based on costume creativity, personality, on-stage interview, and natural beauty, and when the contestants were done being interviewed, they received a bag of candy to take home as a treat. This year was exceptionally hard for the judges as each contestant shinned in their own ways.

“We had to look at all the different areas: personalities, how they acted, the costume, their energy, how they answered, and all that,” Judge Mary said. “We are so pleased. They did a great job, so thank you for supporting them.”

During the pageant, Little Miss contestants would twirl, blow kisses, and one little lady declared her mother her favorite Disney princess gaining the crowd’s affection. The Little Mister contestants upped the game by providing a break-dancing elf, a “can opening” Jack Frost, and another elf who jingled all the way down the catwalk before twirling for the judges.

This year, the Little Mister categories had to be combined due to lack of male competitors. Instead of a Little Mister 3 to 5 and Little Mister 6 to 10, the pageant held a Little Mister 3 to 10.

The Little Miss Fall into Christmas (ages 3-5):

First place: Cali Beaver

Second place: Stella Corbin

Third Place: Larkyn Claywell

Little Mister Fall into Christmas (ages 3-10):

First place: Jace Shiverdecker

Second place: Brayden Kester

Third place: Pacey Miller

Little Miss Fall into Christmas (6-10):

First place: Evie Lynn Miller

Second place: Serenah Kirtley

Third place: Olivia Shephard

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