Congressman Davidson delivers State of the Nation address


By Tammy Watts

GREENVILLE — The Darke County Chamber of Commerce hosted the State of the Nation program at Romer’s Catering & Entertainment Facilities on Nov. 12, featuring keynote speaker Congressman Warren Davidson (R-Ohio.)

“Our country is on the brink of a potentially fatal dose of government,” Davidson said, referencing the Biden administration’s mandating of vaccines for government personnel, health care workers, and private companies with over 100 employees. He also voted against the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

“The infrastructure bill has some things I really like, but it contains lots of terms and conditions that are problematic,” he explained. His chief concern was that it is merely the first component of a broader spending agenda, the second of which is the proposed Build Back Better Act, another trillion-dollar package.

The congressman highlighted the fact that the US national debt now stands at $28.9 trillion, and such spending bills are fiscally irresponsible, particularly when they fund benefits encouraging dependency. One such provision involves giving free child care, with no work requirement for the parent or guardian. Davidson also stated the two bills are fraught with pork-barrel projects, benefitting mostly Democrat-led states and cities, as well as containing “green” energy tax credits favoring the wealthiest Americans.

Davidson went on to discuss how vaccine mandates are a threat to national security. Since all military personnel are required to be vaccinated, many fighter pilots, medical professionals, and 10 percent of the Navy Seals are being discharged for refusing to take it. These positions require extensive training, and they cannot be replaced efficiently. He pointed out that there is a low risk of COVID-19 in the military, as members are mostly young and physically fit. When compared to COVID-19 death rates for that demographic, it is estimated that myocarditis, a side effect from the vaccine, will kill four to five times as many people as the virus itself over the course of five years.

Another concern for Davidson is the potential denial of medical services for lower-income citizens. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) reimburse health care providers. If a facility does not require its workforce to be fully vaccinated, it will not receive payment for those patients, under President Biden’s mandate. Medical, religious, and philosophical exemptions are also being denied in large numbers. “It has essentially become a religion with no concept of grace,” Davidson stated.

On May 12 of this year, Davidson introduced the FIRED Act (Fauci Incompetence Requires Early Dismissal) which would set a term limit of 12 years for an appointee serving as Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. It would also make the limit retroactive, so Fauci would be dismissed immediately. The bill addresses the lack of accountability that unelected officials have had in imposing draconian restrictions on the American public throughout the pandemic, to the detriment of small businesses and the overall economy.

Evacuating U.S. citizens in Afghanistan is another ongoing dilemma, which Davidson is fully committed to resolving. As a West Point graduate and former Army Ranger, the issue is deeply personal. He has had to go through informal channels, as according to Davidson, the official policy of the Biden administration is that nothing more can be done for them, and to contact the United Nations.

Davidson has been named to the newly established House Committee on Economic Disparity and Growth, to address the prosperity gap which exists in the United States. Rising inflation has exacerbated this problem, and the Congressman spoke briefly about some current concerns. He stated that inflation rates are causing supply chain problems: for example, a container from the Port of Los Angeles to Ohio normally costs $5,000 to transport; now it costs $20,000.

Congressman Davidson concluded by assuring the audience that he would continue to fight for responsible legislation which reflects the core values of his constituents.

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