NKTelco announces expansion of multi-gig network


NEW KNOXVILLE, Ohio — NKTelco, a leading communications provider in Ohio, announced plans today to expand their Fiber-To-The-Premise system in Versailles, Ohio.

Residents will have access to a multi-gig redundant network that will provide termination of the fiber from their premises to the NKTelco network. The new network, Flight, will pass more than 1500 homes and several major medical and manufacturing companies, along with numerous small businesses. With this new fiber optic network, Versailles will become a multi-gig broadband system with everyday low prices on all Flight internet packages.

At completion, the residents and businesses will have access to an online cloud using one of the world’s leading optical solutions on the market today. Fiber broadband service delivers more speed and reliability needed to power all smart-home devices, streaming, work from home, education, and entertainment needs along with cable television service and phone. NKTelco’s all fiber network will provide residents, businesses, and local healthcare and schools, access to cutting-edge technology making the community more competitive.

“We have been looking forward to expanding our gig service into Versailles for some time”, said Preston Meyer, General Manager of NKTelco. “Our expansion plans are finally complete, and we couldn’t be more excited to start construction,” said Preston. “This is a strong community with many opportunities, and we are committed to playing an active role in bringing a multi-gigabit broadband service to everyone.”

NKTelco will be working closely with Mike Busse, Village Administrator and Kyle Francis, Superintendent of Utilities. Planning for the project was completed in 2021 and construction will begin immediately and expected to be completed in mid 2023.

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