BAAC thanks community for successful 2021


On behalf of the Bradford Area Association of Churches (BAAC) and Resource Center, we would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to everyone who has contributed in any way to make 2021 such a wonderful year for our community. Our shelves have remained full because of the efforts of all the churches, the Bradford School system, the Community organizations, and all the wonderful donators in the surrounding area. This association could not operate without any of you whether your contributions are small or bigger, and your food donations are one item or many.

With this being said, it was decided because of the lack of need for help, our shelves remained full and were getting to their expiration dates and we had to make some hard decisions. It was decided to donate our leftover items to Amvets Post 66 for their Christmas baskets which helped Bradford and Covington families and there was food left that was sent to Kentucky after the tornadoes, so nothing was wasted and we thank the members of Amvets for picking up and delivering the items.

Also we want to thank you for your help with Thanksgiving Dinner. The Community Club provided the building, and Dottie Carder and her crew prepared the meal, the runners, and delivery people, clean up crew, and the churches for providing the funding and pumpkin pies. This worked out very well and we hope to provide this meal again this year on Nov. 20, 2022, the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Thank you again to all of you.

Other changes have been made for the Resource Center. Mary Alice Young is now acting as advisor to Debby Jess who was appointed finance officer for the BAAC Resource Center. We want to thank Mary Alice for her years of service and Debby will continue to advise and ask her about all that takes place with the Resource Center. And once again for those of you int he community who needs the services that are offered by the BAAC Resource Center, you may still contact Debby at 937-216-8452 for help with food or utilities during the year. It has been Mary Alice’s and my pleasure to serve you as co-directors of the Resource Center since 2003 and I will look forward to helping you again in 2022.

Debby Jess

Bradford, Ohio

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