Whittaker is leader Darke County needs


As two residents who are proud to call Darke County home and former elected officials of Darke County, we are honored today to stand behind our good friend Sheriff Mark Whittaker as he runs for election on the Republican ticket in the May primary.

Sheriff Whittaker has dedicated most of his life to serving the residents of Darke County. His goals for our great county are critical: tackling drugs, supporting the second amendment, and working to build strong communities throughout all of Darke County. Sheriff Whittaker has been instrumental in fighting against illegal drugs in our neighborhoods by serving on drug task forces, working with partnering agencies, and advocating for strict penalties for those that bring these drugs into our county. Sheriff Whittaker will always stand with the United States Constitution and support the legal right to own and bear a firearm. And lastly, Sheriff Whittaker is committed to working with the many organizations, schools, townships and villages in Darke County to provide a strong law enforcement presence.

We have both seen his leadership first-hand and know without a doubt that Sheriff Whittaker is the leader that Darke County needs now and for the future.

Therefore, we are asking for your help in ensuring that Sheriff Whitaker is retained in office on May 3. Please visit www.whittaker4sheriff.com to learn more about his qualifications and goals.

Thank you for helping to make Darke County the very best place to live, work, and raise a family.

Toby L. Spencer

Former Darke County Sheriff

New Madison, Ohio

Jim Buchy

Former Ohio State Representative

Greenville, Ohio

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