Please vote for Versailles Fire Dept. levy


On May 3, 2022, residents of Wayne Township and the Village of Versailles will have an opportunity to continue to support the Versailles Fire Department. Voters of each district are going to see a proposal of 2.0-mill. replacement with an increase for fire protection on the ballot. The current rate of 1.5-mill. in Wayne Township and 1.4-mill. in the Village of Versailles has been in place since 2008. Several factors and variables over the last 14 years has warranted an ask to our voters for additional revenue.

The Fire Department has been successful the last several years obtaining grants for communications and equipment to help offset current income and hold operating cost within current revenue collected. As each year passes, the cost of operating and planning for the future, the capital outlay has declined and nearing a balanced budget.

Wayne Township and the Village of Versailles has seen substantial growth in residential, agriculture and commercial structures since 2008. Along with that growth is the need to continue to invest in the Fire Department. I have worked diligently at an extended financial plan to ensure the continued fire protection to residents of our district to make sure we are able to continue to provide the same level if not greater service to our taxpayers. In planning ahead, it has come to the point that we must ask the voters of Wayne Township and the Village of Versailles for an increase in annual revenue. Much consideration and conversation took place ahead of this proposal on the ballot, I wanted to make sure the ask is warranted and justifiable. The time has come, an increase in revenue is needed to maintain current operating cost and a capital outlay that is increasing each year.

It is my hopes that residents of Wayne Township and the Village of Versailles recognize that members of the Fire Department are great stewards of the revenue collected. Something that I always make mention when given the opportunity, the apparatus and equipment that is seen in use for calls for service, is a reflection to the township and community support. The apparatus and equipment is purchased and operated with all of our funds, a true reflection that we have the resources to be able to protect and provide fire protection to Wayne Township and the Village of Versailles.

I do ask that come May 3, you utilize the opportunity to vote. An additional ask, I ask that you please consider to check the box – For the Tax Levy in regards to the Replacement and Increase of the Fire Levy for Versailles Fire Department.

It is my hopes, the Versailles Fire Department has represented Wayne Township and the Village of Versailles in the manner as expected and the results of the election from citizens will reflect the same.

Thank you for your consideration of a favorable vote.

Brian Pearson

Chief, Versailles Fire Department

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