Gibbons will fight for Ohio


It is my pleasure to endorse Mike Gibbons to represent the people of Ohio in the United States Senate. I’m a strong supporter of business, and I appreciate Mike’s strong, no-nonsense, yet compassionate personality. He has a history of not only being an extremely successful businessman, but a willing fighter. As such, Mike will always fight to bring good-paying jobs to Ohio. As a strong supporter of President Donald Trump, I know it’s his intention to continue the fight in the United States Senate in keeping the America First agenda. And I believe Mike Gibbons will fiercely fight for strong border security, and for our liberty in protecting our freedoms and rights set forth in the U.S. Constitution. I strongly appreciate his belief in the original interpretation of it, that which was intended by our Founding Fathers at the time it was written. We need Mike Gibbons, with his fierce patriotism and willingness to fight for all the people of Ohio, to represent us in the U.S. Senate. He has my full, enthusiastic support. I ask for your support, and that you take the time to cast your vote for Mike Gibbons on May 3.

Steve Willman, Mayor

Greenville, Ohio

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