Tri-Village produces published authors


By John Miller

Guest Contributor

NEW MADISON — Sixth-grade language arts students at Tri-Village Schools have recently become published authors. Like many professional writers, the students followed a series of steps to create their dream piece(s) to share. Throughout the year, students have been creating their own stories with and without prompts. On a daily basis, Mr. John Miller, language arts/reading teacher, allows students to progress through a regimen of brainstorming, self-editing, peer editing, and a teacher’s conference. Each student at Tri-Village uses Google Docs to send and receive their stories with another peer or Mr. Miller as they proceed. Finally, a final copy is printed.

Through the company StudenTreasures, a kit is ordered and students select the stories they wish to place in the final book, which parents are welcome to purchase. Each student is given three to four pages to add their stories and possible illustrations or photos.

Once the project is completed, the book is photocopied onto the publisher’s pages and parent order forms for a paperback, hardback, or library-bound book are organized. The whole packet is then sent to StudenTreasures. The entire publishing process takes approximately 20 days.

The young authors recently received their published copies and were delighted to share their books with classmates while enjoying doughnuts and milk on this special occasion.

The free books the school receives will be donated to the school’s library to join the books Mr. Miller’s students have donated in the past. Maybe one day, one or several of these young authors will be publishing books of their own.

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