VVC hosts annual Spring Dance for Disabled Adults


By Meladi Brewer


VERSAILLES — The Versailles Christian Church hosted their annual Spring Dance for Disabled Adults this past Friday.

More than 100 guests were expected in the Versailles Cafetorium for the special night of dancing, friendship, and fun making this dance the biggest dance to date, as previous dances had averaged around 80 guests.

“This so far has been our record year. We’ve had around 129 people RSVP,” Josie Wulber said.

Guests not only got to dress up in fancy outfits, but they were able to commemorate their night with friends by taking pictures at the free photo booth. Those pictures were able to be taken home by guests as a reminder of this night.

Lindsey Ausborn spoke up about how it took a whole community of volunteers to make this dance a success from those who donated time, food, services, and decorations. She explains how those involved were excited for this night to come after COVID-19 postponed the dance for two years.

“The communication with the caregivers and the parents leading up to this, there was just so much joy,” Ausborn said. “Everyone has really missed it the last two years, and being able to have this back now means the world.”

She explained how they are a high-risk community, and due to the pandemic, they’ve really been stuck inside with limited or no communication with their friends. Being one of the last communities to open back up, Ausborn said it is exciting to be able to do something for them that brings life back into their everyday, with the most rewarding part being she gets to see the joy that it brings them.

“I think the looks on their faces tonight, the joy they have on the dance floor, and knowing this event is for them is the most rewarding. Far too often they are overlooked in regular society, so this is specific and special for them,” Ausborn said.

“We had it for a couple of years, and then Covid happened, so this is like our grand big reopening of the dance,” Wulber added.

This year’s theme was “Grand Re-opening, a Night at the Movies.” With the movie’s theme, Old Hollywood glamour was on the mind. Fancy dresses, movie tickets, and making every guest feel like a star was the goal.

A concession stand full of baked goods from volunteers also provided guests with hot dogs and popcorn, a few more traditional movie treats.

The volunteers spoke up about how it is important to include these people into your everyday life and not exclude them.

“There is a place for these people in our everyday lives. It should not be just these big special events that they get. They can be part of everyday things, and it does not have to be a once a year thing,” Ausborn said.

She said the most important thing to remember is to just include them, and make them a part of your life because your life will be made better because of it.

There were a lot of volunteers and community members who helped to make this night a reality.

“Obviously there is a lot of representation with Versailles Christian Church here working, but the folks at Darke DD have been very helpful in making this happen. We had several other volunteers and representatives from VHS musicals, final bow donated stars, and then of course Versailles Schools,” Ausborn said.

A lot of the decorations were donated from the Versailles Prom to be used for this spring dance to make the night even more special, and students helped set up during the school day as well. The Versailles Christian Center thanks all the volunteers and donations that made this night a reality. A lot of hard work went into the night.

If you would like to get involved, the Versailles Christian Church has a special donation box specifically for this event where donations can be given for the dance, or if you would like to volunteer, you can contact the church office by calling 937-526-4194 or emailing [email protected].

To contact Daily Advocate Reporter Meladi Brewer, email [email protected].

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