Disagrees with columnist regarding abortion


The legal maxim “hard cases make bad law” is applicable to Vivian Blevins’ column (in the May 11, 2022, Daily Advocate).

“The uproar about abortion” as she puts it is a smoke screen for justifying abortion. The saying, “you can who think you can, find a way or make one” would be the best advice for an educator to give. An unborn child is fully human from conception, and abortion particularly impacts minorities. Black women get 43.2 percent of the abortions in Ohio while being only 12.4 percent of the population.

Recently Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, who happens to be black, called out U.S. Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellin on abortion. She said, “women need abortion to succeed, especially black women.” Scott was raised by a single mother in abject poverty. He said, “the American dream is one of hope and opportunity and Yellen’s comments don’t meet the mark.”

The Jan. 22, 1973, Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision on abortion needs to be rescinded. The Human Life Protection Act (S. B. 123) has been introduced in the Ohio legislature. Called a “trigger law,” it would ban abortion in Ohio as soon as the Supreme Court issues a decision. The proactive measure would once again allow Ohio to protect the life of the unborn child whom we all once were.

Mary Gigandet

Versailles, Ohio

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