Ohio pols speak out on SCOTUS abortion ruling


Staff report

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Friday, June 24, the Supreme Court, in its ruling on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, overturned Roe v. Wade, ending the constitutional right to an abortion, and allowing states to determine their own laws and regulations on abortion.

Politicians from both parties spoke out on the historic court decision.

U.S. Rep. Warren Davidson (R-Troy) said, “Today, we celebrate a historic, and long overdue, win for the right to life movement. After nearly 50 years, the Supreme Court has once again recognized that the Constitution does not establish or defend a right to an abortion.

“Since I swore my oath of office, I have worked to protect the most fundamental freedom: the right to life. I am overjoyed to see this outcome from SCOTUS! We should rejoice in this victory for the unborn. However, this court case is not the end of our efforts to protect the right to life, but it finally empowers them. It is now on states, and elected officials across the country, to pass laws that protect the most innocent and vulnerable among us.

Defending freedom always begins with defending life. I strongly support immediate implementation of Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill!”

The Ohio Heartbeat Bill, signed into law in April 2019, was blocked from implementation by a federal judge. A judge ruled favorably on Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost’s motion to dissolve the injunction, following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. The law, which took effect on June 24, prohibits abortions after the first detectable fetal heartbeat, as early as six weeks into pregnancy.

State Rep. Jena Powell (R-Arcanum) lauded the court’s ruling, stating, “Today’s decision is a historic victory in the fight to protect unborn babies across Ohio and our nation. The Court’s decision empowers states to defend the God-given rights of our unborn sons and daughters.

“Every unborn child has the right to life. Thousands upon thousands of innocent lives were tragically ended in the decades since the Court’s wrongful decision in Roe. These lives did not have to end. I am thankful the Court’s decision in Dobbs finally rights Roe’s historic wrong.

“I have introduced the ‘2363 Act,’ which offers protection to the 2,363 unborn children killed every day through abortion. I urge my fellow Ohioans and my colleagues in the Statehouse to support this urgent legislation,” she added.

Ohio’s U.S. senators both issued statements regarding Dobbs v. Jackson.

Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) stated, “Today’s ruling is consistent with my view that policy questions regarding abortion should be decided by the elected representatives of the people, not the Supreme Court. Through its ruling today, the Court made this clear. The states already play a significant role in abortion policy, but have been constrained by various Supreme Court rulings. Now the issue of abortion will be decided by the states and the elected representatives closest to the people.

“While abortion is a very sensitive and emotional issue with strong feelings on both sides, I think most Americans agree that human life is precious and should be protected wherever possible. To that end, we should do more to work together in a bipartisan manner to promote adoption, reduce the number of abortions, and provide support for pregnant women in difficult circumstances.”

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) called the court’s decision “radical” and “out of touch.”

“For fifty years, women in America had the right to make their own personal health care decisions. Today, five judges handed that right over to politicians,” he said. “This will be the first generation of women to grow up with fewer rights and freedoms than their mothers and grandmothers, and this burden will be disproportionately carried by low-income women and women of color. This is a radical decision by an increasingly out-of-touch court, and Americans won’t stand for it.

“When, how, and whether to have a family is one of the most personal and meaningful decisions we make in life, and the freedom to make those decisions for yourself, free from political interference, should be available to everyone. The president and Congress must take action restoring protections for women to make their own health choices, and women will make their voices heard in voting booths around Ohio and the country this November,” Brown added.

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