Will not attend July 15 EDCY open house


This is in response to the Daily Advocate’s June 30 article and other publicity I’ve heard about regarding EDCY’s July 15 Open House.

On June 14, recently appointed EDCY President Delores Eley called a special meeting with another employee and myself. We were told that all summer tutoring sessions were cancelled except one 2.5 hour session per week for six weeks. Then I was told that a new executive director had been hired and that my “resignation as executive director had been accepted,” effective July 15.

The board has the right to make these decisions, but the summer tutoring restriction meant that several kids who needed help weren’t going to get it. And I never resigned. I started this program and ran it successfully for six years. It had been my intention to work in it as long as I could be effective. Ms. Ely and the board decided otherwise.

I understand Ms. Ely and/or the board has been promoting the July 15 Open House, indicating they plan to honor my service and introduce my replacement. Again, this is their right, but I will not be there. That is my right.

Bob Robinson

Greenville, Ohio

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