From life’s basement to award winner


By Ethan Tutwiler


GREENVILLE — The people have spoken. Colin Swiger was chosen by the public in the Fine Arts Department as the People’s Choice winner at The Great Darke County Fair this year. Swiger was honored to be chosen and even more so when he got a call asking if he would stop in and do some photo shots to promote his business, Createsharephotos Freelance Photographer.

On Aug. 27, Swiger was in the art building for most of his day. He opened up to the public about his story. Swiger was deeply inspired by the people he knew, including friends, family, etc.

Swiger got into photography after a tragic event in his life. He had eventful teenage years; falling into drug addiction until the day he overdosed at his grandparents house. He was told he died for a few minutes. That was the day that changed his life around.

Not long after found out about his grandfather’s love of photography, his grandfather and shelfs full of photo albums. His grandpa was his biggest inspiration, Swiger said, “I picked up photography for fun and if my grandpa was good maybe it’s in my blood as well.” So Swiger got himself a great deal on a Nikon Camera and gave it a try.

He fell in love with photography; making it his hobby and his passion in life. He’s been doing photography for about a year now and only started editing about four months ago. He faced the same things all new photographers face with being nervous about shooting families or other people, but this has come a lot easier now for him.

Swiger has high hopes for the public in the world to find their passion, or for others to use these skills they have as their high instead of drugs. He has overcome a lot and he’s still growing in his skill as life moves for him.

The public who voted for him all said the same things – this young man is so talented, humble, friendly, smart, and loved. Swiger has made his friends, family and us all in Darke County all proud of where he is now in his life. The public is happy with their pick this year for The People’s Choice Award at Greenville’s Ohio Darke County Fair in 2022.

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