Commissioners discuss DC Animal Shelter health


By Meladi Brewer

GREENVILLE — The Darke County Board of Commissioners met Tuesday to discuss service agreements, DD Form 214s, and the Darke County Animal Shelter. Commissioners Matt Aultman, Mike Stegall, and Larry Holmes were present.

A funding consultation services agreement between the Darke County Commissioners and Key Funding Services, Inc. was approved. The consult shall perform grant administration and program consultant services related to the Building Demolition and Site Revitalization Program on behalf of the Darke County Commissioners for application preparation, building demolition and site revitalization program administration, time of performance, and cost and method of compensation.

The amended professional service agreement between the Darke County Commissioners and Bruns Consulting, LLC. was approved as well.

“The services that Mike Bruns was going to perform for out chip programming, there was verbiage within the contract that triggered a previous employer’s non-compete, so the services that he is providing would not fall under the non-compete but it was the verbiage itself that needed corrected,” Aultman said.

The new verbiage was corrected and approved by the commissioners to allow Bruns Consulting, LLC to continue with the Chip programming services.

The commissioners stressed veterans need to get their DD Form 214s turned in as soon as possible.

“Veterans need to get their DD-214s recorded. The recorder’s office has been working hard to collect and file them,” Aultman said.

Citizen and retired veteran, Fred Dean spoke on the importance of recording a veteran’s DD-214 not only for the veteran but the family as well.

“Any time a serviceman dies, before we can perform a service for him, we have to have the 214 to not only prove that he was eligible, but it gives all the information of his service, awards, time served, and all that stuff, so it is very important to file it in order to have it,” Dean said.

Dean said family members have come in wanting to join one of the two service clubs here, but to do so would require a DD-214 was filed to prove they are allowed to be a member with the actual service member being deceased.

“It is very important that those things are handy and everybody has a copy of it. It is more important if the family has the copies to start with,” Dean said. “It is very important for the family to also have a copy of it, so if something does happen then they can just pick it up and prove everything the individual did.”

In order to file you or a loved ones DD-214, please go to the County Recorder’s office located at 504 S. Broadway St., Greenville.

Following the regular scheduled session, DC Animal Shelter Director Robert Bair announced a press release regarding the health of the shelter and surrounding states.

“There have been reports in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana of a new strain of the parvovirus or another unknown disease that has been affecting animal health. Therefore, as a precaution, and a recommendation of our county veterinarians, we feel it is necessary for the health of the dogs at the Darke County Animal Shelter to vaccinate any dog as soon as it enters the Darke County Animal Shelter. This Bio-Security procedure will become effective Sept. 12, 2022, and the procedure will be for dogs that enter the shelter not wearing a current year license, and all dogs that wear a current year license and the owner cannot be contacted before the dog enters the shelter, and all owner surrendered dogs. This will be the new standard of operation for the Darke County Animal Shelter, to help eliminate the spread of disease. We thank you for your attention and understanding of our position.


Robert Bair-Darke County Dog Warden”

The Darke County Board of Commissioners meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:30 p.m. at their office located at 520 S. Broadway Street in Greenville. To contact the office, call 937-547-7370.

To contact Daily Advocate Reporter Meladi Brewer, email [email protected].

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