Band of Pride does well at competition


By Ethan Tutwiler

On Saturday, the Greenville Marching Band of Pride had their first band competition of the season. Before taking off, a few students had some things to say about their goals and hopes for this performance.

Autumn Dicke, a senior at Greenville High School, said she had high hopes for this first competition. She spoke about all the hard work the band has put into this show. Dicke is enjoying every second of her final marching band season and can see this year’s band heading to state.

Addison Gearheart, a junior marching band student said how wonderful, beautiful, and well put together this year’s competition show is. She also has high hopes to reach state competition.

A freshmen of the band named Ryan Bolin is in his second year in the Greenville Band of Pride. He was hoping to do well, and he was not disappointed. Bolin didn’t see them getting awarded a score that would get them to the state competition on their first attempt since they have a lot more work to do and a new director this year, but he is hopeful for this band to go to the state competition.

Mr. Philipot, the new Greenville Band of Pride instructor stated, “These kids have been working hard all summer long, with an average rehearsal time of four hours per practice, on top of the band camp this past summer from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. for a week straight. Now that school is in session, the band runs a rehearsal two times a week for two and a half hours each night. We are all exited to go out and hear from the judges what needs fixed and receive any feedback to make our team better.” He insisted he was not worried about fantastic scores in the competition on Saturday; he just wants the kids to do their best and have fun.

The band made their way up to Maria Stein to Marion Local High School for the competition Saturday evening. Overall, the band did wonderful with their show. The students were happy with their performance, many feeling that they felt great and sounded amazing. Greenville’s overall ratings ended their first competition only a half a point away from superior rating which is what qualifies them for state. They landed third place overall, and second place overall on visuals. This current marching band and their instructors have all shown true potential for state. One competition down and two more to go. Good luck to Greenville’s Band of Pride.

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