Reid updates masking policy


RICHMOND, Ind. — Recently, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued new recommendations for COVID-19 masking in healthcare facilities. This updated guidance allows facilities to modify their masking policies based on community levels and transmission levels of the areas they serve.

Every Thursday, Reid Health will communicate the level of masking that will be in effect the following day, Friday, at 7 a.m. Signage will be placed at all public entrances to Reid buildings, on their website at, social media pages, and other platforms as needed.

The following color codes will be used to communicate the masking requirements.

GREEN – OPTIONAL masking in ALL AREAS of Reid Health facilities. This includes employees, patients, visitors, vendors, and business partners.

YELLOW – UNIVERSAL masking will be required in ALL PATIENT CARE AND PUBLIC AREAS of Reid Health facilities.

RED – UNIVERSAL masking will be required in ALL AREAS of every Reid Health facility.

Reid Health’s status through Thursday, Oct. 13 is YELLOW.

Regardless of Reid’s current masking requirements, precautions for staff interacting with patients identified as actually or potentially having COVID-19 will remain in place.

Even at times when masking is optional, healthcare staff will continue complying with basic infection prevention and control practices such as hand hygiene and the use of appropriate personal protective equipment.

“This new guidance from the CDC allows us to take appropriate precautions based on the level of COVID spread we’re seeing in the community,” said Thomas Huth, MD, Vice President of Medical Affairs for Reid Health.

“When spread is low, we can all enjoy seeing each other’s smiling faces again, but when transmission of the virus picks up, we should all be prepared to put our masks back on for the safety of not only ourselves but our loved ones, co-workers, and neighbors.”

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