Spirit EMS honors farmers with first aid kits


SIDNEY — As the nation celebrates National Farmer Appreciation Day, employees of Spirit EMS have been out canvassing area farm fields to show their appreciation.

Earlier this week, Spirit EMS stopped at farm fields throughout Shelby County in the areas it services with 9-1-1 coverage including Loramie, Washington, Perry, and Salem townships. Employees provided the farmers with a card, sharing the companies’ appreciation for their hard work and dedication to feed the world. They also equipped them with a first-aid kit to keep in the cab of their farm machinery in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

“As a family owned and operated business, we’ve pledged to give back to the community,” said Brian K. Hathaway, President/CEO of Spirit EMS. “Passing out the first-aid kits is just another way to show how much we truly care about those we serve and protect in Shelby County and areas beyond.”

Hathaway, an FFA alumni himself, said the idea to give out complimentary first-aid kits came from the idea of FFA members from area chapters taking meals to farmers in the fields.

“Growing up on a family farm myself, I can remember many times, the best thing I could find to take care of my injury was a dirty old rag in the cab of the tractor,” Hathaway said. “I thought having a first-aid kit that was well equipped with supplies to take care of those minor injuries would be something useful and appreciated.”

Captain Jeremy Miller, the manager of Spirit’s Sidney and Houston stations, said the first-aid kits that have been passed out so far this week have been appreciated by all the farmers they’ve met up with.

“Some have wondered why the ambulance was showing up when they hadn’t called for one,” Miller said, with a smile. “When they saw what we had something to drop off to them, they were thankful and liked the idea. It’s an honor to work for a community-minded company that salutes these hard-working men and women for all they do for us, so that we can feed the world. By giving them a first-aid kit and just saying thank-you, it’s not only personally gratifying, but something different our company has chosen to do.”

While the company began its distribution of kits throughout Shelby County as a start, they plan to pass out the remaining first-aid kits as they travel throughout the area they service in western Ohio and eastern Indiana this week.

Spirit EMS reminds everyone to be cautious and mindful of farm machinery on the roadway as harvest is in full swing. Likewise, they encourage farmers to stay safe as they harvest area fields and make sure, as they travel from one field to another, to have the equipment well lighted as darkness sets in.

“As EMS providers, our mission is to promote the health, safety, and wellness of everyone through encouragement to always be thinking of personal safety first,” Hathaway said. “It’s our hope they’ll never need our first-aid kit, but they now have the assurance of knowing it’s there should the unforeseen need arise.”

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