DCEA helps Versailles music program


VERSAILLES — Versailles Band Director Ronda Stammen recently acknowledged the donation to her program from Darke County Endowment for the Arts. “We thank DCEA for the kind donation/grant money to purchase a silver trombone; freshman Xavier Simon was chosen to play this new instrument. Xavier is very active in the music program here at Versailles; he has participated in marching band, concert band, solo and ensemble and multiple honors bands,” she wrote in her missive to Marilyn Delk, DCEA Chair.

Grants distributed by Darke County Endowment for the Arts positively impact lives as well as the arts in our community, as evidenced by the pride and joy on Xavier’s face as he holds the shiny new trombone he will be playing as he participates in his school’s ambitious music program. “Music participation provides important skills that benefit students throughout their lives, regardless of their chosen professions,” said DCEA Chair Marilyn Delk. “The Endowment is proud to contribute to the excellent music program offered at Versailles, as well as to other arts programs which provide so much to enhance lives in our community,” she concluded.

DCEA is a non-profit organization that receives and manages charitable gifts that are invested to produce income benefitting the arts in Darke County. In addition to the General Fund from which grant monies are allotted, the Endowment maintains other funds, one specifically dedicated to assisting Darke County Center for the Arts in their mission to culturally enrich our community, and the Memorial Hall Fund to help preserve and maintain historic Henry St. Clair Memorial Hall. For more information about how your donation or legacy can help keep the arts alive in our community, visit www.SupportDCEA.org, or contact DCEA at P.O. Box 155, Greenville, OH 45331. In addition to Ms. Delk, DCEA trustees are Ted Abney, Antonia Baker, Ryan Dynes, Becky Hartnagle, Andrea Jordan, and Kent Zechar. Nicole Gillespie serves as DCEA treasurer.

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