VMS paves the way for future leaders


VERSAILLES — Versailles Middle School provided a new class focused on leadership and community.

The new class was created for eighth graders at Versailles Middle School. The class, Civic Leadership and Community Development (CLCE) is a nine week course that enables students to investigate qualities of leadership.

Students are asked to explore ways they can be a leader, how others lead, how they already lead, and how they can engage the community. Speakers are brought in throughout the quarter to speak with the class on these ideas and topics. They meetings are followed up by discussion and questions. CLCE wants to thank all of those speakers who took time out of their day to present.

For part of their community engagement piece, students were able to put on bingo at the senior citizens’ community center for residents, and lunches were made for St. Vincent de Paul. Mr. Ahrens would like to thank the first-quarter students for their participation and success in the class. He looks forward to the new round of students taking the class each of the next three quarters of the school year.

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