Kiser pleads not guilty by way of insanity


GREENVILLE — Kirt M. Kiser entered a not guilty plea to an amended three count indictment Tuesday. Judge Jonathan P. Hein presided.

Kirt M. Kiser, 29, of Greenville entered a not guilty plea to a three count indictment: count one of failure to comply with the order or signal of a police officer, and two counts of felonious assault, both felonies of the second degree.

Kiser is facing these charges after being involved in a pursuit that started approximately at 3:20 p.m. near the traffic circle in downtown Greenville. Kiser was taken into custody after his vehicle stalled at the intersection of Cypress Street and Central Avenue in Greenville. There was substantial damage to the front of the SUV and damage to at least two Greenville Police Department vehicles and the window in front of the Wayne HealthCare Emergency Room entrance was shattered.

If convicted, Kiser faces up to three years and a $10,000 fine on count one and a maximum eight years on each felonious assault charge for a total of 19 years with a possibility of an additional four years for bad conduct while incarcerated.

Kiser’s defense attorney entered a not guilty plea on his behalf stating he enters “pleas of not guilty and not guilty to the indictments on reason of insanity on Mr. Kiser’s behalf.”

Past police reports indicate persistent mental health issues, and the court will refer Kiser for psych evaluations to be completed as soon as possible. State Prosecuting Attorney Kelly Ormsby advised the court of the state’s concerns regarding the new information.

Ormsby said the state would like to keep bond where it is set because “there was concern about Kiser appearing, and concerns about his mental health based upon the pleas,” so the State asked for the bond to remain the same until at least the evaluation has been completed.

“Kiser was hospitalized after the incident,” Defense Attorney Alex Pendl said. “He was treated, stabilized, and became medication compliant.”

Pendl pleaded Kiser’s case, advising he had stable housing, and his mother was compliant and reliable enough to transport Kiser to get his forensic evaluation done in Dayton. He asked the court to grant Kiser a personal recognizance bond.

Judge Hein decided to keep the bond at the current $7,500 and requested to see the jail’s medical reports. He advised he would like to get more information and work through it before bail is renegotiated.

Kiser’s next court appearance will be on Nov. 29.

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