Multiplication motivation at Greenville Elementary


Greenville Elementary is filled with third and fourth graders saying catchy phrases to assist them in remembering multiplication (times) facts. For example, walking down the hallway, you may hear “To drive a 4×4 you have to be 16, or 7 in a row, 7 in a line, the answer must be 49.” Mrs. Barga, Ms. Borders, Mr. Coblentz, Ms. Copeland, Ms. Eley, Mrs. Britsch, Mrs. Duncan, Mrs. Flora, and Ms. Voke are in the process of ensuring all third and fourth graders know multiplication facts through 10.

State achievement testing does not permit students to use a multiplication chart so having the facts memorized allows students to feel more confident when solving mathematical problems.

Students practice multiplication facts at home, during inside recess, while waiting in line for lunch, and when coming in from recess. Parents may want to investigate two of the more popular on-line programs that assist in mastering multiplication facts- Gynzy and XtraMath. Both programs have free trials to utilize at home.

Once students have mastered the facts, their teacher notifies the principal. Students then visit the office and quiz one another with flash cards before the “final quiz” with the principal. To commemorate this special achievement in mathematical learning, successful students receive a t-shirt imprinted with the slogan, “I’ve had the TIMES of my life in third and fourth grade at Greenville Elementary School” as well as a kids meal certificate to Buffalo Wild Wings. Students are eager to demonstrate their proficiency in multiplication on up-coming assessments.

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