Greenville BoE hears complaint, highlights students’ academic, athletic, musical performances


By Dawn Hatfield

GREENVILLE — The Greenville City School District Board of Education met in the Anna Bier Civic Room of St. Clair Memorial Hall March 17. Of particular interest were students’ academic and athletic commendations as well as a parent complaint alleged against a high school teacher.

Jody Harter, Doug Fries, Jenna Jurosic, Mark Libert, Brad Gettinger, Jim Sommer, Kristi Strawser, Krista Stump, and Jim Hooper were present. Additional members of staff and public were present with one member of the public requesting to speak.

Following roll call, the Pledge of Allegiance, adoption of agenda, and approval of minutes, Superintendent Doug Fries provided the superintendent’s report where the following six students were recognized for a perfect 10 on at least one portion of the spring ELA test: Mercedes Angles, John Barr, Leah Force, Evelyn Hummel, Marcella Marlett, and Emma Worthen.

Boys Cross Country was acknowledged for their advancement to regionals; and both Varsity and Middle School Competition Cheer Teams were congratulated for their second runner-up placements at MVL competition.

Commendations were extended to Kenna Jenkinson for being named MVL Athlete of the Year in girls golf and Brock Short for being named Offensive Player of the Year in MVL football.

Further commendations were extended to Lexi Slade (girls golf), Ethan Sunsdahl (boys golf), Tessa Fine (girls cross country), Rachael Wright (girls soccer), A.J. Shaffer (football), and Kaitlyn Byrun, Isabella Gulley, Caitlin Moore (cheer).

The district highlighted GHS Wavaires for their outstanding performance on Nov. 11 and all staff and students involved in the fine String Fling performance on Oct. 25 as well as the Marching Band of Pride for their excellent rating at OMEA State competition on Oct. 30.

Public Participation:

The mother of a current high school student requested to address the board. Her complaint alleged misconduct against one of the high school faculty. In her statement, she told the board, “I am going to speak upon a teacher in the high school who has disrespected my son in more than one way, and I will not tolerate it any longer. She looked at my son the other day—I’m a single mom—and told him ‘now I see why your father left you.’ Who says that? Who says that to a child? When I send my son to school every day, he’s supposed to be safe and not disrespected. So, I’m hoping not to have to take it any farther than this, but if something’s not done, I will take it farther than this… As a teacher, she is supposed to be someone my son looks up to, and he doesn’t.”

Superintendent Fries responded, “[Parent’s name], I would encourage you to give me a call at your convenience when you can, so I can get a little more information, and so that I make sure I talk with Mr. Hughes [High School Principal], who is here tonight, and we’ll address it with the people involved. Hopefully, you’re gonna see some improvement, and, if not, feel free to give me a call. It’s at the level if you call me, I will work with the high school to try to make sure things progress for you.”

The parent expressed her appreciation and Fries thanked her for her attendance at the meeting.

Treasurer’s business included unanimous approval of the treasurer’s report for October, the schedule of bills for October, itemized current bill payments, and the filing of permanent appropriations with Darke County Auditor for FY2023.

Superintendent’s business included a recommendation of an array of board policies for first and second readings as well as approval of those previously read. All recommendations passed 5-0.

Donations were unanimously accepted with appreciation from Joseph and Melody Barr, DCCA Anna Bier Gallery, Mark Libert, Radiant Lighthouse Church, State Farm Insurance, and Wayne HealthCare Foundation.

Requests included the filing of ODE survey stating the district’s following of nutritional standards as well as approval of the administrative evaluation form for director of special services. Both motions passed with all in favor.

Contracts included approval of the purchase of 55 Nonviolent Crisis Intervention second edition packages, the articulated credit agreement with Sinclair Community College for career tech ed program, an agreement with Radiant Lighthouse Church for “A Night in Hollywood” event, payment of excess cost to Darke County ESC for preschool, and an agreement between Woodcrest Lanes and Greenville City Schools for 2022-2023 bowling facility usage. All passed with unanimous support.

Furthermore, unanimous approval of a contract with the Montgomery County ESC for membership in the Dayton Area School Application System Consortium for FY2023 was granted per Director of Curriculum Jim Hooper’s recommendation.

Accepted resignations included Asst. Jr. High Track Coach, Varsity Girls Tennis Coach (retirement), Asst. Varsity/Reserve Basketball Cheer Advisor, and Fifth Grade Teacher (retirement).

Classified and certified substitute staff were approved for conditional employment. All unpaid leave requests were approved. Salary increases for change in salary classification as well as tuition reimbursements were unanimously approved as well as all requested reimbursements for professional meeting expenses.

Supplemental contracts were unanimously approved for Asst. HS JV Bowling Coach and Varsity and Reserve Basketball Cheer Advisor. Volunteers for Swimming and MS Girls Basketball were also approved.

Libert will update board on the most recent Greenville Schools Foundation meeting after obtaining information.

Strawser provided an update on Business Advisory Council whose most recent meeting centered on report card ratings and Career Tech.

Stump will update the board on DCCA after next week’s scheduled meeting.

Gettinger reported Career Technology Stakeholders will be setting up a meeting soon and CIS meeting was rescheduled for first week of December.

Sommer updated the board on legislative matters stating there are several bills in the House to watch. Sommer also shared a Dayton newspaper article titled, “Lawmakers move to weaken Ohio Board of Education…,” with board members. Next month a list of relevant bills we be presented.

Board members then moved to executive session at 7:17 p.m. with no action to take place following the session’s close.

The Greenville City Schools Board of Education meetings are typically held the third Thursday of each month beginning at 6:30 p.m. in St. Clair Memorial Hall, 215 W. Fourth Street, Greenville, Ohio. Full meeting minutes are regularly posted on the Board of Education site:

Reach Daily Advocate Reporter Dawn Hatfield at [email protected] or 937-569-0066.

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