Versailles FFA hosts Veterans Dinner


VERSAILLES — On Thursday, Nov. 3, the Versailles FFA hosted a dinner at the school for Veterans in the surrounding area. The program honored active duty military as well as veterans in attendance and those who are deceased.

To start off the night, those in attendance enjoyed a meal which consisted of sandwiches, chicken noodle soup, chili soup, salad and various desserts. Also as part of the meal, the guests enjoyed hydroponics lettuce that was grown by the Greenhouse Management Classes. During the meal, everyone had the opportunity to look at a table set up for POW (Prisoners of War). This table was set for one and had many objects that represented the hardships and bitterness of being lost at war. After the meal, the veterans enjoyed listening to a poem recited by Riley Kruckeberg. After the poem, the guests enjoyed entertainment by Tiger Choir, Tiger Tunes, Melody Men, and guest speaker James Buchy, who was formerly a part of the Ohio State House of Representatives.

Then both active military members and veterans were honored with a slideshow. Active military duty and all Veterans were also given wooden crosses built and painted by the Versailles Ag Ed Mechanical Principle classes, thank you notes from Versailles High School students from Mrs. Hoying and Mr. Magoteaux classes and coloring pages from Versailles Elementary.

In conjunction with the Veterans Dinner a patriotic art contest was held. Thank you to Mrs. Ranly and Mrs. Sutter for helping oversee this project. The art projects were displayed at the dinner and the winners included: High school Division; 1st Place Maddie Walters, 2nd Place Emma Meyer, 3rd Place Katelynn Delzeith. Middle School Division; 1st Place Elizabeth Delzeith, 2nd Place Corynn Goubeaux, 3rd Place Bailey Enicks. Elementary Division; 1st Place Ashlyn Gibson, 2nd Place Alyssa Billenstien, 3rd Place Watson Hill.

Active members include Army – Ryan Martin and Natalie Wuebker; Navy – Janelle Hoelscher represented by Aimee Hoelscher; Air Force – Hallie Mills; Space Force – Haddi Treon represented by Dean and Margie Treon; Marines – Kyle Wuebker, Logan Miller and Aiva Miller represented by their parents.

Veterans of each branch and their spouses were also recognized. The Air Force included: Charles and Krista Krueger, Dick Francis, Ken Bohman, George Stuck, Ed DeMange, and Timothy Huber.

Army includes: Roger Bey, Larry Hesson, Virgil Heitkamp, Paul Gehret, Robert Grieshop, Jim Bergman, Gary Davidson, Bill Marshal, Roger Henry, Dick Gigandet, Mark Schmitmeyer, Vern Bergman, John Marshal, Dale George, Charlie Petitjean, Leroy Cordonnier, Richard Kiser, The Late Roger Magoto represented by Cheryl Magoto, Charles Langenkamp, John Berger, Mark Kunk, Raymond Griez, Jon Sargent, Dave Miller, Paul Huber, Bruce Smith, Richard Berger, The Late Fred Bohman represented by Marlene Bohman, John Schmitmeyer, Larry Roll, Jim Pohlman, Tom Hole, Dewey Ward, Dan Simon, The Late Gene Mescher represented by Irene Mescher, Gene Epperly, Bill Ahrens, Matt Martin, The Late John Kreig represented by Phyllis Kreig, The Late Ed Schlater represented by Thelma Schlater, The Late Louie Keiser represented by Doris Keiser, Francis Phlipot, and Jim Nerderman.

Marines include: Ron DeLaet, The Late Harold Apple represented by Connie Apple, Gary Kunk, Dale Meier, Tom Butts, The Late Victor Niekamp represented by Bernie Niekamp.

National Guard includes: Robert Albers and Paul Meyer

Navy includes: Jerry Bey, John Shue, Lester Kueterman, Bob Magoteax, Dave Bey, Dave and Kay Holfinger, Ronald Groff, and Tom Parin.

Members who assisted in making this event possible include: Zoe Billenstein, Camille George, Reagan Winner, Levi Barga, Riley Kruckeberg, Luke Kaiser, Colin Batten, Andrew Wuebker, Andrew Lyons, Greta Broeing, Rhylan Broeman, Ruthie Smith, Eden Barga, Josie Pothast, Molly White-Shappie, Joseph Barger, Gavin Hecht, Simeon Hess, Zachary Rahm, Owen Rindler, Emma Middendorf, Katelyn Runner, Lucas Timmerman, Grifon Miller, Keira Rahm, Patrick McGlinch, Bryson Moore, Elias Moore, Jacob Schoeff, Ryan Schoeff, Tristian Ward, Paige Gehret and Nathan Timmerman. A special thank you to Jill Gehret and Krista Harman.

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