City looks at property to expand street department


By Ryan Berry

GREENVILLE — On Tuesday evening, Greenville City Council gave the administration approval to move forward with purchasing property near the street department’s headquarters on Front Street.

According to Safety Service Director Ryan Delk, the property abuts the current building and would allow the the city to expand its storage area. Although the administration has council’s approval to move forward, Delk stressed that this wasn’t a sure thing. The city would be purchasing property currently owned by Benanzer Development and Robinson Development. There are six lots they want to purchase.

Delk said the cost would be $150,000. This would allow the city to erect a new storage building on those lots where they could store their storm equipment, street sweeper, etc. The funds for the property and new building would come out of the storm water account.

In preparation for the November 2023 election, Greenville City Council also approved the pay scale for elected offices. The pay rates must be in place prior to interested candidates taking out a petition. They will see pay increases for some of the positions.

Beginning in 2024, Greenville’s mayor will earn $55,229. In 2025, that rate goes to $56,885; 2026 is $58,592; and in 2027 the mayor will earn $63,350. This is a three percent increase each year.

Greenville’s auditor will earn $81,530 in 2024, $84,792 in 2025, $88,184 in 2026 and $91,711 in 2027. This is a four percent increase each year.

The law director’s salary is set at $95,000 for all four years. There is no pay increase. However, the assistant law director’s salary will increase by 2.5 percent to $53,300 beginning on Jan. 1, 2023. The assistant law director is an appointed position.

Council members filling Ward seats will receive $5,562 each year for the next four years. This is a one-time three percent increase.

Council also established wages and salaries for temporary/seasonal employees, public transportation employees, and designated employees not covered by wage agreements. According to Roxanne Willman, all of the city’s wages were already higher than the new minimum wage set to take affect on Jan. 1.

Two new employees were introduced during the regular meeting of Greenville City Council. David Sturgill was named superintendent of the Wastewater Treatment Plant and Curtis Locker III was appointed as superintendent of Water Distribution Plant. Sturgill was already with the city prior to leading the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Locker is coming from Piqua to take on his leadership role.

Greenville’s administration is nearly ready for the new year. They will hold a special meeting with the council as a whole on Jan. 24 to discuss budget appropriations. Auditor Willman is hoping appropriations will be ready to be approved at council’s first meeting in February.

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