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Unfairly removed from elected position

When I moved to Greenville in February of this year, one of the very first things I wanted to do is make sure that the residents of my precinct had a representative with Constitutional and Conservative Values. Before I arrived, this seat of 3-B was vacant. We found a house, and I ran for the Republican County Central Committee.

To some it may not matter. I’m of the belief that we need to serve our community in multiple ways. I fell in love with the community over a year ago, by attending Medical Freedom Rallies. I thought this was a community that believed like me and wanted to fight for Constitutional Conservative Values. I’ve been finding out that is not the case.

I also ran for State Central Committee in the August Primary, in which I came in 3rd place. Being the new guy in town it was expected. During which, I spoke out on needing Reform in the Republican Party, Reform from the State Level, all the way down to the local level. Of course, this didn’t sit well with certain members of the republican party.

After being elected in May, we found a building on Markwith Avenue to start a Church, The Tabernacle. That was our main mission for coming to Greenville. It was big enough to do certain things we wanted to do, and possibly live in it. It wasn’t required but preferred. One of our biggest accomplishments since being here, has been helping the homeless. Of course, we exposed the failed policies of the city, and their unconstitutional ordinance 22-102. Since then, we have been attacked from every direction, non-stop.

I called and stopped into the board of elections on several occasions, to verify if this address was still in my Precinct of 3-B. They confirmed it was, at least 3 times.

The Board of elections website also confirmed that it was. With that understanding, we took the building on Markwith Ave. Everything around me is in the city limits, except for our building, which is zoned Township. Even when I told this to the board elections, they still believed that nothing was changed. Ok, Great!

Because of my outspokenness, when I ran for State Central Committee, there are many that became upset, and took the opportunity to try to remove me. The Board of Elections admitted to me, that they received phone calls about me, and this issue, and that is why they were looking into it.

After it became an issue, I met with the Board of elections 1 time at their monthly meeting and asked them to address the issue. Evidently, they did, without me there, as I received notice that my voting station had changed to the township in late October.

My plea to them then, is the same as it was on Monday, at the County Central Committee. Don’t punish me for a mistake on their end. Don’t allow the republican party to redistrict me out and remove me because a few people don’t like me.

Did it need changed in their system? Probably. What happens when someone is redistricted after an election? They remain in that seat, until that term is up.

Example, Susan Manchester. She didn’t move out of her district, but the map changed. She remained and carried out her term. According to the board of elections, I didn’t move out of my precinct, but it was changed afterwards. My plea was simple: Allow me to finish the term that the people elected me to serve.

December 5th was scheduled for a Central Committee and Executive Christmas Party. I wasn’t even notified of a vote taking place until the morning of the meeting. The question should be asked, if you are going to remove an elected official, shouldn’t more time than a few hours be given to prepare? What about due process?

One of the arguments made was the address isn’t a residence. How many people build homes on new land, that isn’t a residence, but they make it one by registering at that address? This is no different. There have been lawsuits won that discriminated people who lived in a business but were denied having their vote counted.

The people of Greenville City 3-B should be outraged. The Party had no right to overthrow the vote and voice of the people. The question becomes why was I targeted? Was this just following procedures, and the party by-laws? Or were there vendettas at play? The Office of the Bishop has been very outspoken about local and county officials. Many tonight that voted, have been called out. To me, a vote to remove me, isn’t following procedure, but it’s getting even. It’s retribution. It’s not about doing what is right, but it’s about silencing someone that is not a puppet.

The vote was 15-4. There are some who are hoping this will cause the Office of the Bishop to just go away. Allow me to put the swamp and establishment on Notice. We’ve been threatened to leave or else. We aren’t leaving. Instead, we are leading a charge to replace every elected official in the Spring. We are tired of people wearing the title Republican, Conservative, or Constitutional, yet govern our city as tyrants. Anyone who dares take on the system is run out of the city.

Unfortunately, there is an Army rising up that is not going to dance to the beat of their drum. Be watching Greenville, there are some System Breakers that are ready to lead!

Andy Roberts,


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