Top GES sellers enjoy royal treatment


By Dawn Hatfield

GREENVILLE — Thursday, Dec. 8 was a long-anticipated date for the top fundraiser sellers at Greenville Elementary School. Fifty-six students who hit a goal of selling 21 or more items were shuttled away in a luxury bus to enjoy lunch on the town. Students visited McDonald’s on Russ Road in four shifts where each child enjoyed his or her own personal Happy Meal alongside their top-selling friends.

First-year PTA President Harlee Cross explained their main fundraiser of the year, Clubs Choice, profited more than $19,000 for the school, and “everything goes back to the classrooms and the students.”

Part of the fundraiser proceeds went to purchase the 850 books to be distributed by Santa to Greenville students. Additionally, each classroom received $50. Some of the funds were used to purchase Thursday’s reward lunches as well as the balance for the luxury bus provided by Suite Rides out of Troy, which was partially covered by a kickback from the fundraiser company. “It’s all about giving back,” said Cross.

While the students will certainly reap the benefits of their fundraiser dollars in a multitude of ways, today was all about celebrating their achievement. In the first group of third- and fourth-grade students to make their way to McDonald’s, Cobi P. said the secret to high sales is to put it in Mom’s hands, explaining, “Mom wanted to get the limo for me, so she sold 27 [items]!”

Riley H. also had the support of his mother, but they combined forces, going door-to-door to sell items throughout their apartment complex.

Sofia H. was proud to announce both her mother and stepfather helped her achieve the goal. “One guy at my stepdad’s work bought over $100!” she exclaimed. (A big thanks goes out to “one guy,” whomever you may be!)

Lucas R. was able to earn the reward simply by selling to family members who were happy to lend him a hand.

With their mouths full of Happy Meals and smiles on faces all around, the students were asked what was their favorite part of this special day. Olivia W. spoke for all when she replied, “The limo!”

Olivia is no newbie to traveling in style as she reported also having earned this reward as a Kindergartener. Some kids are clearly just born to sell!

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