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Body cameras are essential

On behalf of the Office of the Bishop we want to thank first off out Safety Service Director Ryan Delk for hearing us we the people and investing in the community of Greenville, Ohio. We were unable to attend the council meeting on 12-20-2022 due to conflict of schedule or we would have been there.

However, we do watch all the meetings even when we are unable to attend. We have always been invested in every community where we have churches located at and Greenville being where the General Headquarters is located it is much more our said goal to invest our time, treasure and talents into the city.

I know many of the officials’ thinks we are harsh, unfair but that is not the case at all. We just believe in in doing things with integrity and doing everything right by upholding the Ohio and United Constitutional law in everything we do. With that said, about Tuesday’s city council meeting I wanted to say thank you for a job well done!

This will only bring more accountability and transparency to our community. The office of the Bishop has always backed the blue and we feel that Greenville has many awesome dedicated officers on the force and that body cams are needed.

The use of body-worn video by frontline officers has real potential to reduce complaints of incivility and use of force by officers. The footage can also exonerate officers from vexatious and malicious complaints. In addition, I feel there are benefits to the criminal justice system in terms of more guilty pleas, reduced costs at court, and a reduction in the number of civil cases brought against the police service for unlawful arrest/excessive force. We already have good examples of body worn video footage exonerating officers from malicious complaints. All over cities where they are used at.

My opinion is that body-worn cameras will help with community relationships. They will show when officers are doing a good job and help us correct them when they aren’t. This is good for the community.” Also, way to go for a drug K-9 dog this also will strengthen the community police department in going after the drug dealers of this city.

I want to pause a moment and say to Lt. Flanery thank you for your professionalism and the time you took out of your busy schedule to investigating on the cost into the program and presenting it to the city council. You did a wonderful job!

The financial and administrative costs associated with body-worn camera programs is well worth the investment all the way around. Body-worn camera technology is a MUST in the 21st century and is an essential tool for policing.

“By investing in these cameras, we’re not only giving our officers the tools they need to better protect the public, but we’re also giving the public another reason to have confidence in the professionalism of the Greenville Police.

Body-worn cameras have become a key tool for law enforcement around the world and is very much needed in Greenville, Ohio. The cameras also allow for detailed documentation of crime and crash scenes, enhance the accuracy of incident reports and court testimony, and help to improve community-police relations. We as a city and church demand more transparency in policing.

When used properly, the devices can record video and audio of exactly what occurred during public interaction, from the officer’s point of view. Releasing unaltered recordings provides citizens with greater insight into the circumstances and decisions made during controversial incidents. In the past, communities relied heavily on witness accounts and waited months for agencies to release findings from internal investigations.

“Again, thank you to Lt. Flanery and Ryan Delk our Safety Service Director! This is a win – win for our community and the police officers as a whole.

Bishop Lee Bowling,


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