Borchers retires after 40 years of employment


VERSAILLES — After 40 years of employment, Harold J. Pohl, Inc. employee Dan Borchers has retired.

Borchers was the first employee hired by Harold Pohl, who was opening up a new semi-tractor, trailer, refrigeration and related shop in Versailles. During his 40 years with the company, Borchers was always dedicated to his job. He was a reliable employee who was there every day, ready to work.

Borchers led the company through many changes over those 40 years, from the latest type of equipment and IT technology, to advancements in the safety requirements of the drivers. Borchers worked hard to make everything perform as intended, and he built his reputation as a competent and knowledgeable person.

Although Borchers will be missed, they are happy that he will be able to spend his time doing what he loves, sunning in Florida and playing pickleball to his heart’s content. “Thank you, Dan, for your 40 years of dedicated employment!”

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