Training the next generation of nurses


By Sherrod Brown

U.S. Senator

Nurses work long hours to care for and keep patients safe. They dedicate their days and nights to providing high quality health care. And they have done all of this throughout the worst health crisis of our lifetimes, putting their own health at risk to provide care and comfort to their patients.

But without proper training and support, nurses cannot provide the health care that patients need.

That’s why I fought to include the bipartisan, TRAIN Act, in the 2023 funding bill.

The TRAIN Act is built on the basic principle of the medical profession: do no harm.

This bill prevents harmful cuts in funding to hospital-based nursing schools, and instead, invests and protects these schools and allied health professional training programs.

For Ohio schools, it means that they can focus on educating and training our next generation of nurses. For students, it means that they will be more prepared for their nursing careers.

We could not have passed the TRAIN Act without the support and advocacy of nursing school leaders throughout the state.

Together, we strengthened our nursing schools and hospital-based training programs and helped alleviate the existing nursing shortage and support our health care work force.

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