A Night in Hollywood 2023 to be held March 4


By Dawn Hatfield


GREENVILLE — Greenville High School’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) class invites all to attend A Night in Hollywood 2023. This year’s annual event will be held Saturday, March 4 from 6 to 10:30 p.m. at Radiant Lighthouse, 5256 Sebring Warner Road, Greenville. Under the instruction of Melissa Riethman, the night promises delicious food, local talent, silent auctions, dancing, and so much more! Proceeds from this family-friendly event will benefit the Darke County Special Olympics.

Each year, the students in the SCM class take on this challenge. With a change in teaching staff, Riethman admitted, “I had no idea what I was doing, so the students have been a big help. We kinda started from scratch.”

Jarrod Mason, a senior with Hollywood 2022 experience explained, “Our approach to [A Night in Hollywood] has changed dramatically. It’s more practical to have the venue at the Lighthouse versus the high school gym. Along with that, we have changed the sponsorship levels, lowering the minimum donation and also decreasing the maximum level. The catering will be through Beanz Bakery, a lasagna dinner. Some of the performances have also changed a little bit, to incorporate more of the local aspect.”

Unlike last year, where they relied on phone contact with community members, students have stepped up to a face-to-face approach. “With the donations, we have changed our approach. We are now going door-to-door, talking about the event. We’ll ask about donations, attendance, and if they’ve heard of [A Night in Hollywood]. We’ll see if they’re willing to participate. We’ve traveled a little bit. It’s been less remote [contacting],” said Mason.

Students report much more community willingness to donate and participate this year, saying, “People are always willing to donate now that we are talking with them about the event.”

Chris Griggs added, “Now that we have different levels, they’re more affordable too.”

Kelly Combs stated, “It seems like a lot of people didn’t even know about the event before.” Combs continued to describe another tweak to the event. “We are trying to make it more of a showcase event instead of a talent show,” she said. Local talent, such as Tommy Renfro, Shannon Clark and the Sugar, and DJ 911 are a few of the featured performers. High school groups, such as the Wavaires, will also make an appearance, along with dancers from Final Bow.

“We have a lot of [individuals with disabilities] on the performance schedule as well,” Riethman added. “This year, students have also invited the Special Olympics teams to come. The softball team and the basketball team will be there. The juniors will be putting a memorial up for Franie Shellabarger too.”

Why would a high school class (especially with only five students!) take on such a tremendous project?

“I think we’re practicing a lot of helpful skills, like speaking. For some people, it’s really hard to get through that barrier at first, but I’ve seen it in every one of us—it’s gotten better each time,” said Mason.

The newest member of the class, Ryan Best, admitted, “It was a little overwhelming at first, but it’s fun. You get to go out and talk to people.”

Mason circled back, “I’d also say time management is a skill we’re using. As you’re going out traveling [during a class period], you have to have that. I’d also say ethics, from a business standpoint. You learn what to ask, what not to ask [as you’re requesting support and donations].”

“Also, I’d say negotiating too,” Combs added.

Riethman had a lot to tackle in her first year on the job but is very optimistic about what her class has planned. “I think things are going well. The students brought a lot of feedback [from last year] and excitement to it. For instance, this year we’ll have a DJ so the students will have more time to hang out with the [performers with disabilities] and their families who are coming. They will have a dance at the end of the night, so they can all celebrate what they’ve accomplished. All the students have their own strengths that they’ve added to the process.”

Building upon the previous year’s nearly $8,200 in proceeds, the goal for 2023 is to hit or exceed $10,000. Riethman said, “The venue holds about 350 people, so we would love to have it packed!”

To purchase tickets for A Night in Hollywood 2023, please visit the following link: https://dcso.seatyourself.biz/. For sponsorship information, contact Melissa Riethman at [email protected] or 937-548-3185 ext. 1303.

Tune in to 97.5 FM Tiger radio Wednesday, March 1 when the Supply Chain Management students will discuss this exciting event.

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