Dawn Community Church to re-open


ANSONIA — In June of 1907, Japheth and Dora Byrd sold a tract of land in Dawn, Ohio to the trustees of Dawn Christian Church for a sum of $50. Four months later, the church held the building’s first dedication on Oct. 27, 1907. A bell tower was added in 1910.

This building was occupied by a few different groups of the years, including Maranatha Baptist Church. The building was destroyed by arson in July of 1994 when an arsonist who was burning churches across the country. Maranatha disbanded shortly after.

In November of 1994, a group of people re-organized as the Dawn Community Church, retaining the churche’s original name and ordained Pastor Monte Evans. He led the church through the toiling rebuilding process and April 20, 1997, they held the dedication of the newly rebuilt building.

After many years and two other pastors, the church closed its doors in September of 2022.

Pastor Evans read about its closing and approached the trustees about re-opening the church, which they gladly and anxiously agreed to.

The church is pleased to announce with great joy and being blessed of the Lord, they will reopen the doors of the Little Church that could.

Come meet with them at their oepning on March 5, 10:30 a.m. as the lil’ country church, now 116 years later, still gets away from the hustle and bustle tow orship the Lord and Saviour.

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