Loryn Metzcar to be on IU East’s track and field team next year


By Drew Terhall


NEW MADISON — Tri-Village senior Loryn Metzcar is heading to IU East in the fall to be a part of their track and field program.

Metzcar said she has been working towards this moment since junior high. With the campus being close to home and having the right program for her, Metzcar wanted to be at IU East.

“They have a good education program, which I plan on attending. It’s super close. I knew they had a track program so that was pretty much my goal since eighth grade,” Metzcar said.

Head coach Christy Sarver said Metzcar will be a great fit at IU East. Her work ethic will be a big asset for her at the next level.

“I think she’s going to do extremely well. She’s a very hard worker, she puts in the time. She’s a really good person inside and outside of sports,” Sarver said.

Metzcar said she expects to make a lot of progress throwing with the help of her college coaches. IU East does think she will be a great contributor for the program.

IU East head coach Chris Buckler said they are excited to have her as a part of their top recruiting class in Indiana. They already have a lot of great young throwers on the team and Buckler thinks Metzcar will fit right in.

”Our domination is we want to go one through eight in every meet. That’s my vision and she’s a big part of that,” Buckler said.

Metzcar plans on going into the university’s elementary education program and get her license to become a teacher.

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