EDCY honors Mississinawa student tutors


GREENVILLE — Empowering Darke County Youth (EDCY) recently gave awards to Mississinawa students recognizing their valuable participation in the tutoring program for at-risk students.

The students were recognized for their support and tutoring of elementary students during the first semester. Students were awarded for the hours spent tutoring younger students throughout the school day.

“Each student has shown a desire and enthusiasm working with younger students to help improve their grades and education experience all the while maintaining a high standard for themselves,” said Rich Engelken, EDCY executive director.

The EDCY program at Mississinawa Schools is a new concept of tutoring that works with students during the school day. It has the added bonus of allowing the older students to use study hall periods helping younger students. EDCY continues to develop programs not only providing the tutoring needed but also working to fit the needs of each school district.

EDCY programs are free to the parents or caregivers of Darke County students needing academic support. EDCY is a 501c3, United Way Agency providing free after school and summer tutoring programs to assist students in the areas of language arts and mathematics with the goal of helping provide strong students for a strong community. For more information, visit: www.empowerdarkecounty.com or email President Delores Ely at [email protected].

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