GHS Theatre’s Robin Hood enraptures audience


By Dawn Hatfield

GREENVILLE — Greenville High School Theatre Company presented four spectacular performances of their spring production, “Robin Hood,” at St. Clair Memorial Hall in Greenville March 31 to April 2.

As a student-led company, choreography and blocking were arranged by the students themselves. Cousins Katelyn Conway (president) and Mya Conway (vice president) created even the fight scenes for this production, bringing fantastic action sequences to this modern, comedic “Robin Hood” adaption by playwright Larry Blamire.

Carson Henry performed as Robin Hood in a cast full of starring roles. Completing his third year of acting, which has included four plays, Henry said, “Acting as Robin Hood was a great experience. It was intense to bring together this production, but I enjoyed every minute of it. I may have been the lead, but the unending dedication our whole cast and crew had, both on and off stage, truly brought the production to life.”

Director Steve Buckingham agreed, adding, “The students took incredible ownership over this entire production. The cast fellowship was as good as we’ve ever had, and it showed in the onstage chemistry and the collective pride they demonstrated. Our officer team was indefatigable. They strived to leave no stone unturned. Their leadership was absolutely next-level.”

Henry continued, “I enjoyed the fight scenes the most. Behind the scenes, it was a tedious process, especially once we received the metal swords. I must say my favorite scene would be the Guy of Gisbourne fight scene because of the sheer intensity during and leading up to it.”

In a tradition where, more often than not, actors speak of each other in terms of “family,” Carson reinforced this notion. “Behind the scenes, this production allowed me to bond with people I did not have a chance to see elsewhere, and acting as a whole has given me many friends I would not know otherwise. I am truly grateful for being a part of Robin Hood and for everyone that supported it,” concluded Henry.


Robin Hood – Carson Henry; Marian Harper – Lydia Beisner (Secretary); Will Scarlet – Chris Shaltry; Sheriff of Nottingham | Arthur-a-Bland – Katelyn Conway (President); Bishop of Hereford | Ellen Deirwold – Mya Conway (Vice President); King John | Forester – Brody Fleming; Queen Eleanor – Jenica Feitshans; Meg Scathelocke – Autumn Dicke (Treasurer); Friar Tuck | Hilton – Ellasyn Bruner; Guy of Gisbourne – Charlie Pope; Little John – Haiden Livingston; Much | Riccon – Elijah Worden; Alan-a-Dale – Luke Rammel; Prioress of Kirklees – Lilli Stevens; Catherine | Forester – Trisha Wells; Eadom | Forester – Natalie Evans; Bride Ellen – Olivia Flatter


Stage Manager – Kylie Voisard; Run Crew – Joslyn Crist, Aleiha Fenton, Will Gettinger, Alex Hadden, Izzy Sommer, and Copeland Woodall; Sound – Jennifer Nguyen; Lighting – Gavin Swank (Tech Representative); Fight Choreography – Katelyn and Mya Conway; Advertising – Lydia Beisner; Promotional Items – Lydia Beisner and Autumn Dicke; Set Construction – Jeremy and Copeland Woodall; Painting – Katelyn Conway, Joslyn Crist, Aleiha Fenton, Alex Matamoros, Lilli Stevens, and Kylie Voisard; Props Assistance – Gavin Swank; House Tech Manager – Ron Asman; Program Advisor and Director – Steve Buckingham

Special thanks to families of cast and crew for their generous assistance with sets, props, costumes, and promotions; GCS Treasurer’s Office, Chloe Good, Mark Libert, and to local sponsors: The Arthouse Gallery, Beanz Buttercream Bakery, The Coffee Pot, Drees Dairy Barn, and Sadie Grace.

The GHS Theatre Company is a student-led performing arts collective that emphasizes empowered leadership, collaboration, and creative ingenuity. Follow on Instagram @ghstheatreprogram and watch for their next performance in fall 2023.

Reach Daily Advocate Reporter Dawn Hatfield at [email protected] or 937-569-0066.

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