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Baumgardner for Mayor – 100%

To Our Great Citizens:

It is my honor and pleasure to proudly support John Baumgardner in his pursuit for Mayor of Greenville. I’ve known John for over 30 years as a landlord, father, businessman, and community advocate. John’s hard work, dedication, and commitment will make Greenville Great, Always! He does this by supporting the youth of our town, vigorously cheering for our Green Wave, and giving back and improving his hometown community.

As a landlord and businessman, John has steadily improved his properties and advocated for new energy in the 2nd and 3rd floors of many downtown buildings. The enhancements and new “faces” of the 401 and 405 S Broadway properties are beautiful ‘eyecatchers’ in Downtown Greenville. His guidance and ‘know how to get things done’ attitude will be the push [we need] to clean up our town and make Greenville greater.

As a father, John is not only focused on helping his own children succeed, but to the many youth across our city. He supports our youth programs and schools, athletic events, and hires eager high school students ready for work. His plan to utilize School Resource Officers (SROs), in our schools, to aid in a drug awareness and prevention program, demonstrates his desire to eradicate drugs from our schools and ultimately from this community. We need his passion and plan to make Greenville greater.

Finally, his aspiration to increase job access and grow business in Greenville is exciting. Many regulations and policies make it difficult for small business owners to initiate and develop business in our community. We need a leader to break down the ‘red tape’ and help our community thrive – new, young, and older residents of Greenville. Continuing to build this community and encouraging graduates to return to the area can make Greenville greater.

John Baumgardner will be an excellent Mayor. He has the leadership skills, drive, and determination, but most of all … he CARES. He cares about Greenville; our properties, citizens, youth, and most of all, how to make it greater. I will be voting for John, and I encourage you to do the same.

Barbara Rethlake

Owner, Barbara Rethlake Dance Studio


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