Tiana Mescher is heading to West Point Academy next school year


By Drew Terhall


VERSAILLES — Versailles senior Tiana Mescher is signed on to swim while at West Point Academy. Mescher said West Point has become a second home to her as her brother, Patrick, played baseball there. After going through a long application process, she was accepted into her first choice.

”I kind of grew up there because he (Patrick) played baseball, so we were visiting all the time. The older and older I got, the more and more I wanted to make sure that I went and I applied. It was a very long process, it took about a year and half total,” Mescher said.

During her senior year, Mescher competed at the State swim meet competing in the 100 yard and 50 yard freestyle. Mescher finished fourth in the 50 yard and fifth in the 100 yard. She also was a part of two relay teams that made it to states.

Versailles swim head coach Mark Travis said he knew some big things would come for Mescher while she was at high school. Travis also said Mescher is college ready and West Point is a good fit for her.

“We’re excited to hear what all she accomplishes in a program like that. To push her to newer and bigger accomplishments, I know she will do great things there,” Travis said.

Mescher said after talking with her brother and his wife, who also attended West Point, about the academy, she has grown to love it and knew it was for her.

She is not only following in the footsteps of her brother, but in the footsteps of others in the community. In Versailles and around, she’s not alone in going down this path.

“It’s pretty cool that there’s going to be people there around our area and there’s a couple more from Fort Recovery and Minster as well. But, it’s cool to have as many as we do in our small communities around here,” Mescher said.

Mescher said she plans to go into mechanical engineering, but the ultimate goal is to work in the biomedical field. There is a chance a biomedical program starts at West Point. But if not, Mescher plans to work her way into the field and make prosthetics for amputees.

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