Mississinawa Valley boys basketball hosts youth camp


The Mississinawa Valley boys basketball program hosted a basketball camp for kids grades 1 – 4 and 5 – 8 from June 14 – 16. Coaches and the players from the program show the younger kids the drills they go through and teach them the fundamentals of the game.

Head coach Cole Hamilton said it’s great to see the young kids come to the camp and have fun going through the different drills and games. He also said he hopes his players also learn some lessons from helping the campers.

“It’s awesome to see the little guys come out for the three days of good camp. We have a bunch of drills and activities for them and some good prizes and everything trophy wise for some of the guys that improved over the week,” Hamilton said.

“I was there once and I want these guys to experience that just so whenever they graduate from high school here and move on to their next chapter in life,” Hamilton said. “I know these kids look up to these high school guys as a role model.”

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