Arcanum boys basketball program hosts youth camp


The Arcanum boys basketball program hosted a youth camp for kids grades one through eight from June 19 – 20 and 22-23. The high school coaches and players led the camp and had the campers go through different drills and compete in different competitions.

Head coach Kevin Brackman said it was great to see the kids and the high school players have fun with the camp. After the first two days of camp, the high school players were talking about how much fun they were going to have during the last two days of camp.

“Getting to see our high school kids work with the younger kids is beneficial for our program and vice versa. Getting to see our younger kids interact with our high school kids is beneficial,” Brackman said.

“After day one, we were treading water lightly. Then coming into day two, they’re (high school players) getting in there and leading drills. They’re having fun with it. It’s exciting to see that they are having fun with it,” Brackman said.

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