Greenville Police Blotter


Greenville Police Blotter

June 16


An officer was dispatched to the 100 block of E. Third St. in reference to a domestic violence complaint. Upon arrival the officer observed a female running the opposite direction from an injured subject. Upon approaching the injured subject, the officer was able to identify the victim. The victim stated she was assaulted by Angel Dye. The victim was babysitting Dye’s infant daughter. The victim shared Dye was at a house party and when she arrived to get the child she was highly intoxicated. When the victim told Dye she should leave the child with her for the night, Dye started yelling at her and another victim before striking the second victim multiple times in the chest with a closed fist. Dye then began to shove the first victim before punching her in the face with a close fist causing a laceration over her left eye. Greenville rescue arrived on scene shortly after the officer’s arrival and the first victim refused care. She also refused to write a statement but allowed the officer to photograph her injuries. The second victim completed a written statement and victims rights form for the incident. The first victim confirmed that the female running from the scene was Dye. Dye has no prior convictions for domestic violence. On June 17, GPD dispatch received a call that the defendant returned home. Officers responded and placed the defendant under arrest. The defendant was charged with two counts of domestic violence.

June 17


An officer was dispatched to 600 block Washington Avenue in reference to a possible domestic. While on the way dispatch advised that the suspect had left the residence. Upon my arrival, the officer I made contact with victim/complainant. The officer observed the victim’s right eye to be swollen along with other injuries. The victim was reluctant to cooperate at first, but eventually stated the suspect was Heather Fox. They were arguing while getting ready for bed. Fox slapped him across the face because he laid down on the wrong side of the bed. The victim went outside to the porch. The victim said while on the porch he was eating out of a can of nuts when Fox came out and grabbed the can out of his hand. Han said that he then grabbed the can back out of hers. The argument continued inside and Fox allegedly punched him with a closed fist to the face approximately 8 to 10 times. Fox was located on Cypress Street where she was taken into custody. Fox claimed the victim was throwing items around the residence. The officer did not observe this to have occurred while on the scene. Due to conflicting stories on the relationship status and living arrangements it was decided that Fox would be charged with Assault. Fox was served her citation at the jail and advised of her mandatory court date and time

June 19


An officer responded to 1500 block of Wagner Avenue in reference to a theft complaint. Upon my arrival, the officer made contact with an employee who observed a female subject select several food items and a pair of shorts while shopping, before concealing all of the items and placing them into her purse. The female subject then passed all points of sale before proceeding to exit without paying for the concealed items which totaled $42.60. The female was stopped at the subject at the entrance. The officer made contact Diana Julian who admitted to stealing the items, stating that she had been struggling financially. Julian was issued a citation reference theft and advised of her court date. She was warned for trespassing.


An officer observed a 2022 Harley-Davidson motorcycle stopped for a red light on Green Street at Martin facing south. The officer observed the operator make a right turn onto Martin before crossing the centerline and traveling several feet on the wrong side of the road while traveling westbound. While on Martin Street, the operator sped up to approximately 45 miles per hour. The officer observed the operator make a left turn onto North Gray Avenue, traveling southbound. The operator was playing music very loudly from the motorcycle which the officer could hear from inside the cruiser. The officer initiated a traffic stop on the motorcycle on Devor Street at North Gray Avenue. Upon initiating a traffic stop, the operator traveled in reverse in an attempt to reach the passenger side window. The officer traveled in reverse before exiting the vehicle and making contact with the operator. The operator began yelling at the officer, stating that he didn‘t do anything wrong. When the officer advised the operator of the reason for the traffic stop, he stated “Catch me then, B****” before fleeing at a high rate of speed. The officer initiated a pursuit of the fleeing suspect. The officer reported the operator failed to stop for a stop sign at the intersection of Devor Street and Washington Avenue, before making a left turn onto Washington Avenue without using a turn signal. The operator continued southbound on Washington Avenue while traveling approximately 100 mph. The operator failed to stop for stop signs at the intersections of Washington and Pine Street, Washington and Sater Street, Washington and Sherman Street, Washington and Fair Street, and Washington and Birt Street. The operator then lost control of the motorcycle before striking a guardrail located on the roadside on Birt Street. The operator then struck a parked sedan and a parked truck, which were both located in the driveway. The officer approached the operator and observed that he had a serious leg injury that was bleeding heavily. The officer placed a tourniquet on the operator‘s injured leg. The officer identified the operator of the motorcycle as Jason Swisher who the motorcycle is registered to. Swisher doesn‘t have a motorcycle endorsement, and wasn‘t wearing a helmet. Greenville Rescue responded to the scene, and Swisher became unresponsive. Swisher was transported to the Miami Valley Hospital by Greenville Rescue. Swisher’s motorcycle was seized. Felony charges are pending.

June 20


An officer was dispatched to the 400 block of Armstrong Street in reference to disorderly conduct. Upon my arrival, the officer spoke with the defendant, Carla Wintrow, who during the investigation stated that she wanted to kill her roommate/victim. When questioned, the victim stated Wintrow had threatened him several times on this date by telling him that she was going to kill him. The victim stated that he felt threatened by the statements Wintrow had made towards him. While speaking with Wintrow, a fixed blade knife was observed in plain view on a table that was located next to her bedroom door. The knife that was observed in Wintrow‘s bedroom was taken as evidence and placed into property. The victim completed a witness statement and victim rights form. Wintrow was takent o Wayne ER under an Application for Emergency Admission for the homicidal threats that were made. While at Wayne ER, Wintrow refused to comply with the hospital staff while also communicating grossly abusive language towards them. She was then placed under arrest and into handcuffs that were gap checked and double locked for comfort. She was transported to the Darke County jail where she is being held on an $825 bond. Wintrow had been involved in six different instances over a seven-hour timeframe.


An officer observed a 1998 Isuzu SUV traveling southbound on Anderson Avenue at Eleventh Street. The vehicle‘s registration was check and it was learned that it expired. The officer initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and made contact with the driver, Joseph Martin. When asked for his driver’s license, he handed the officer his parole identification card and stated he had just been released from prison. The officer checked LEADS/NCIC and learned that Martin’s driving privileges are under four separate active non-compliance suspensions, as well as a license forfeiture suspension. The officer also learned that Martin has two prior convictions of driving under suspension within the last three years. The officer also learned that Martin has an active Miami County Sheriff’s Office warrant for failing to appear on a driving under suspension offense. Dispatch confirmed the warrant and Martin was placed into handcuffs that were gap checked and double locked. Martin was transported to Bradford where he was released to the Troy Police Department. Martin was issued a citation in reference to driving under suspension and advised of his court date.


An officer observed a 2008 Chevrolet Impala traveling westbound on Pine Street near Riffle Avenue. The vehicle‘s registration was check and plates had expired. The officer also learned the vehicle‘s registered owner is deceased. The officer initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and made contact with the driver, Dustin Phillips. It was learned that Phillips has an active Moraine Police Department warrant for contempt of court on a theft offense with a bond of $623. Dispatch confirmed the warrant and Phillips was placed into handcuffs which were gap checked and double locked. The officer transported Phillips to the Montgomery county line, where he was released to a Moraine Police Department officer.

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