Celebrate You Saturday focuses on eye health


GREENVILLE — I Am Well Darke County will host its monthly Celebrate You Saturday Aug. 5, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m., at 120 West Third St., Greenville. The practices will focus on eye health, Third Eye Chakra, and learning to trust your intuition.

Alina Olding will speak on the human energy field and offer an individual therapy sessions.

Lois Bunger will lead a group session of “playing in the energy” – helping one to notice feelings and intuition. She will also work with individuals in helping them to read oracle cards and develop intuition.

Spiritual advisor Tammy Avalos will share, with one on one encounters, how she uses her gift of intuition.

Iridologist Lori Ostetloh-Hagaman will look into your eyes to discover susceptibility to specific issues or possible health issues.

Michelle Hickman, who specializes in sound healing, will conduct a group sound bath.

Yoga instructor Joy Roseberry will lead a group chair yoga practice, with emphasis on eye exercises.

Shelly Acker will offer body/mind connected chair massage, encouraging one to explore the body’s wisdom in releasing stress and tension.

Sarah Douds will share her Third Eye Chakra and Energy Protection essential oil blends.

Visitors can bring in old eye glasses which will be donated.

A $20 donation will benefit the I Am Well Foundation. For more information visit: www.iamwellfoundation. For updates and information on Celebrate You Saturdays, visit the group’s Facebook page.

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